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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Week of September 4, 2011

September 4
Great and good Sunday to you! I trust everyone will have a nice day. It's gorgeous here in SoCal AGAIN! :-) Check in and let me know what you got going on today!

Fun in the studio yesterday turning into more studio fun today. Thirty Dollar Stella moving closer to finishing up their debut release.

A quote - "Always remember that the future comes one day at a time."

Have a great day people! Word of the Day is "SHAPES". ♥

September 5

I guess here is as good as any...
 Happy Labor day! Try not to work today.

Band of the Day is Black Water Rising.

Phrase of the Day is "LAST ONE BEST ONE"!

Food of the Day is Almonds

Smile of the Day is YOURS!

Word of the Day is "MIRROR". ♥

Here is the latest addition to the studio. Harmony - (1970's) made in u.s.a 12 string acoustic. Donated by Vance and rehabed by Tonebender! — with Tonebender Guitars and Vance Goodell.

September 6
Hopefully the last appointment. for quite some time. PET Scan today! They'll use this and my last CT Scan to get an accurate result. An hour to let the radioactive shˆ† get into my body and then 90 mins. being strapped down to a hard metal bed. Oh yeah a nice pillow for my... knees. The result will be worth it though!

Have an awesome day and I'll be checking in...

Word of the Day is "GLUCOSE". ♥

That just looks funny... together I mean. Nuc Medz and Nurs Admin

September 7
Rise and Shine peanuts! They say the early bird catches the worm... so chirp chirp!

Off to get a couple miles in before the day really starts. It's looking to be a fantastic day here in SoCal. Going to enjoy it, while I can! Happy to be here with ya again today.

Some ADR editing is on the menu for the rest of the week, time to get bizzzeeee.

Word of the Day is "FANTASY". ♥

September 8
Good Morning creature's... up and at'em. Thanks to Kevin Hoyt for his insight into his time in the United States Air Force with "Fall in for Roll Call".

Off for my morning conditioning work and then home for some much needed work.

One Life, One Chance, One Love! Thanks for everything you guys. It's just simply better sharing it with you all!

Phrase of the Day is "NEVER FEARFUL ALWAYS SURE". Michael J. Crowley


September 9
love ya'll!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great day!

Word of the Day is "NERVE". ♥

September 10
Pickin up the boy... It's a good day! — with Jacqueline Meijer-Kreple at Cottonwood Elementary.
Yep... green tea frap, no whip w non fat milk! — at Butler's Coffee
Life is easy on the farm...

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