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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Week of July 10

July 10
Wonderful life for us all!!!!! Love it!!! Word of the Day is "SOULFUL" . ♥

"Drank so much last night I think that I drowned... now my cup is empty... No one has seen my will around, now my heart is achin'... So Burn It Down, discover the dusk of your day has reached it's dawn, so burn it down and remember to find a new way to carry on!"

Alter Bridge rocks!!! 
July 11
The 5k car getting the job done! Way to go David Ockerman and Randy Mick Kreple. This kind of stuff is... coooool hu hu!

David Ockerman is no joke. Mad respect for this dude!
Welcome to the Pleasure Dome... As we enter week three I can only think of something my great friend Kevin Hoyt told me... It's slightly out of context, however, it's content is right. "It's your job to do it with dignity." Ok fine... let's do this and do it well. Have a great day. Live like ya mean it!

Word of the Day is "DIGNITY". ♥

July 12
"I said a hip hop the hippie the hippie to the hip hip hop, a you dont stop
the rock it to the bang bang boogie say up jumped the boogie to the rhythm of the boogie the beat..." Get yer good foot on and Boogie today!

Multiple Dr. appt.'s today then going to see an old friend! This day shall kick ass as kicking ass is the only kick ass way to kick ass!

Phrase of the Day is "KICK ASS". ♥

July 13
Again... multiple dr. appt's today... the microwave and then down to UCLA to see my oncologist. Looking forward to another day here with you all! Birthday shout out to Kim Bills Kemp. Love you! Here's to a great day! {cheers}.

Phrase of the Day is "HERE IT COMES!" ♥
July 14
Dur nuken zah! (have no idea what that really means) — at Antelope Valley Cancer Center.
just had a nurse come to the house to draw blood... She butchered my "famous-a river runs through it" blood drawing vein... Hamburger meat!!!!!!!! Blood work was awesome yesterday. All my counts were the best they had been since we started caring about it! Getting back to the gym today for some boxing and whatever else.

Word of the Day is "REFRESH". ♥

July 15
Went to bed this morning at 3:30 something! The adventure of opening night for Harry Potter and the gang did not disappoint. Got some microwavin' this afternoon and then fight team later. Passed my Green Belt test last night at Tapout Antelope Valley, need to get back into Lancaster Ata and finish up that Black belt too. Have a fantastic day!

Word of the Day is "COMPLETION". ♥

July 16
Johnny Rivas... "he punched me so hard , my head was sayin yes!".

Word of the Day is "YES". ♥

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