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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Week of July 31

July 31

Happy Anniversary to my awesome wife Jacqueline Meijer-Kreple! No better partner I could've hoped for! Thank you for taking such amazing care of me and the kids. I KNOW IT HASN'T BEEN EASY! I look forward to the future and expanding our life with joy, happiness and love. Oh yeah, can't forget HEALTH. Love you baby!

Word of the Day is "TWELVE". ♥

August 1
Good Morning and Welcome to August! HUGE birthday shout out to my favorite man in the whole world. The Incredible Mr. Randy Mick Kreple. He's a young 66 today. Happy Birthday Pops! Love you!!!!! I hope everyone has a great day and what do ya say... let's make it a memorable one!

Word of the Day is "FRIENDSHIP". ♥

August 2
Send love and prayers... The It Ain't Chemo family lost another warrior today! Mike Fitch, you can now lead the way for the rest of us! Rest easy warrior, rest easy. You guys hearing this? You living LIFE or just cruising through it? Grab yer nuts and LIVE like you mean it! It could end tomorrow! LIVE like you are ALIVE!!!!

Today has got to be, "one of those days"... What THAT is I'm not sure yet. Feeling emotional, slightly annoyed and maybe even a dash of anger. Guess it's time to break out the ol' faithful... "I don't have to like it, but I accept the things I cannot change." Thank you Lord for giving me this day.

Word of the Day is "DEFINE". ♥

August 3
Something sexy about a guitar riff with a Les Paul and a Marshall. As much as I love all types of music. Guitar driven rock/metal is king in my book. Back on the Love Train today and comin to your city! Have a stellar day and stay thirsty!

lyrics... "Some people say, I need to pray, it feels like me against the world. I've been turned out, I've been thrown down to the killing floor".

Phrase of the Day is "WHATEVER IT TAKES!" ♥
Word of the Day is "VULNERABLE". ♥

August 4
Good morning people of Earth. Working on a movie, training some cardio and then boxing and then back on the movie. I hope everyone has a great day no matter what adversity you may be facing. Perseverance is not just a word, it is a lifestyle! A quote... "When the world says, "Give up," Hope whispers, "Try it one more time."

So the Phrase of the Day is "TRY IT ONE MORE TIME!" ♥

August 5
Playing frisbee with the boy! — at The front yard..., and Green Tea frap... Been way too long. — at Butler's Coffee.

A totally wicked day underway! I love these kind of days. You know'em, you get out of bed and everything is order for the day and you can just roll with it! Man, that is the best! Van Halen crankin' in the iTunes and at their urging I'll "Hang'em High". Have a great Friday!

Song of the Day is "SO THIS IS LOVE". ♥

August 6
Finally cashing in on some gift cards! Double pan fried noodles with beef. mmm mmmm mmmmm! — at P.F. Chang's China Bistro.

Fight Team this morning at TapouT Antelope Valley and then boxing with Jose Noyola... Lance has an audition in LA today, that'll be cool. Then over to Tom Kemp and Kim Bills Kemp's place for some UFC fight action! Looking forward to spending the day doing the stuff I love to do.

Word of the Day is "INTERPRETATION". ♥

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