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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Week of August 7

August 7
Happy Sunday! ♥

August 8
So it starts... The school year that is. Lance is a big 5th grader. He says he's not excited, BUT I think he is. They grow so fast. :-( ! Anyway - Have a great day and Let Love Rule!

Word of the Day is "CHERRY". ♥

August 9
Annoying when you think a minor injury is better and you step onto the mat to get busy and it SCREAMS at you and takes two steps back... GRRR! Oh well, gotta make the best of it anyway. Maybe I'm supposed to relax for the next couple of days. I'll give it a try for a minute. What I wish for you is the best day possible. Keep it between the lines and moving forward.

Word of the Day is "OBSTACLE". ♥

August 10
Happy mofreakin humpty hoo-rah day! Had a nice little perspective this morning from the awesome Mrs. Barbara Hoyt. She writes, "We're all here on borrowed time. Choose to spend it wisely and cherish each day with your loved ones." Thanks Barbara and I shall! Although I admittedly am fond of my oncology team but I would rather not be spending my day with them. I guess it's a lemonade kind of day!

Word of the Day is "BRIGHT". ♥

August 11
Back to School Night! — with Jacqueline Meijer-Kreple at Cottonwood Elementary.

Blood work was two thumbs up yesterday. Got the orders to schedule the next PET and CT Scans plus another thing, but I can't remember what that is right now. A quote... “It takes a good deal of character to judge a person by their future instead of their past”. Have a badass day and get yer groove on!

Phrase of the Day is "GREENER PASTURE'S". ♥

August 12
Many years ago, I remember my Mother telling me that as you get older the "time" just flies by faster and faster. Summer came and went and the first week of school is already history AND the boy is in 5th Grade. WTH? Dang! I am grateful and hopeful to have as much time here as possible. So here's a nod to my family and friends who enrich my life just by pure existence.

Word of the Day is "DANCE". ♥

August 13
Thirty Dollar Stella! — at Ranch House Studios.

Song of the Day is "LONG SLEEVES" by Black Stone Cherry. Find it, buy it and then Crank it! Have a great day!

From my lovely, caring wife, Jacky:
"Today I was at our county hospital. I was sitting outside waiting to make an appointment for Michael. I ended up sitting with a couple of patients I had seen yesterday. Derek a young aids victim who will most likely never leave the hospital and James who is homeless and is undergoing his second round of chemo for stomach cancer. While spending this short time with them I was reminded what a random act of kindness can do for people. The simple acknowledgment that they were human the moment I gave them each a hug and looked them in the eyes with love. Well what I am looking to do is to collect afghans for sick patients. Anyone who has an afghan, finds an afghan or is willing to make an afghan. I am currently communicating with the hospital about visiting for adults and children and would love to bring them some comfort. If this is something you are interested in, please let me know. Thank you all. Inspired by Kevin Hoyt, founder of It Ain't Chemo!"

Much Love

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