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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Week of June 19

June 19
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY... Actually, gonna make this my own - HAPPY AWESOME PEOPLE'S DAY! Word of the Day is "BUDDY". ♥

Just got off the phone with longtime friend Jason Streng... Thanks bro for the talk and also the laughs! You are GREAT! Ruben Ramirez and Johnny Rivas took it too'em! You guys looked great in there tonight! Coach and I, and the others are so proud of you. Johnny your thoughtfulness is immeasurable, you are an extraordinary human! Cheers brother! TRAIN FIGHT WIN!

June 20
Making it the best... Happy Monday people! Sing your favorite song today! Song of the Day is "DON'T WORRY, BE HAPPY". ♥

June 21
Ever had one of those nights of sleep that was filled with the WEIRDEST dreams. I almost prefer the nightmares over what I dreamt last night. Regardless, feeling great this morning. Hope you all have a killer day!

Love and Respect... Word of the Day is "ANIMAL". ♥

June 22
Glorious hump day to us all! All you desert rats, be careful. Jax just told me it's going to be 107 today. If you can, stay inside! Been training hard and gearing up for a big weekend and of course the (Dr. Evil style) "laser beam" destruction of PB starts next week. Anyway-have a great day and let's kick it into gear. Word of the Day is "ENTRANCE". ♥

June 23
"You got, you got, you got what I need!" from Eddie Murphy's "Delirious", arguably one of the greatest stand up comedians ever. Woke this morning with a question... I can't remember what it was now, but I might in a minute. Still suffer from chemo-brain... :-) Wishing you all a very very exciting day and a productive one too. Loving you. Word of the Day is "FAMILY". ♥

June 24
Great day to be had! I remembered the question from yesterday morning BTW... Anyway, want to give a special thanks to David Kitchens, Ben Zarai at Juniper Post, Inc. for bringing me on board as an editor/dubbing mixer. Ready to fill in the gaps for their already badass crew. Saying YES when others were too scared to. Cheers guys!

Word of the Day is "BALLS". ♥

June 25
It's a win win kind of morning already! Headed down to get in some hours at the studio. Getting ready to let the littlest one fly from the nest. He'll be flying to Michigan tomorrow morning to see his family... very exciting! Thanks to Vance Goodell for a real good time yesterday and great food! Off to get it done son!

Word of the Day is "CONFORM". ♥

Let the work begin... I asked God to let it be clear to me who I should be talking to ABOUT WORK... He lead me right to the phone and I have been called for the second time in three days. My big Sis, Sheri Logsdon, tells me that she believes God blesses us when we are on the right track... AAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLL RIIIIIIIGHHHHTY THENNNNNNNNNN! Thank you God Almighty! ♥

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