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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Week of August 28, 2011

August 28
So grateful for being able to look back at the past year and remembering that...


"Good morning Warriors! Well, today I will be sitting in a chair I've never sat in before. Chemo starts this morning. I shaved, packed clean underwear, got my tooth brush and a couple books as well as my laptop. This should suffice. Thank you guys for the birthday wishes for Jax, yesterday was awesome for her. On with the show... Word of the Day for the next few days is "W A R". Punk Bitch is goin down!!! ♥"

"How do you like me now, SUCKA" Chuck Bartowski

August 29
This is a great morning to share with all of you. /We had, again, a great long weekend in Vegas with It Ain't Chemo and Kevin Hoyt and our new extended family. If anyone goes to Vegas, you have got to go to Exotics Racing and talk to David Perisset. He'll take great care of you!

Today starts a long week of follow up Dr. visit's and scans. So, we're going to head in with a "no fear" attitude and a "whatever it takes" backbone! Happy to have this one with you guys... ♥

Word of the Day is "RESULTS"!

Well, hello again... I have(not) missed you! :-p

August 30

What song would you choose to define your day today? What are you in the mood for? Laying down and getting trampled OR tearing down any obstacle that is in your way? Just asking...

Another appt. later http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Echocardiography .

Love you guys! Word of the Day is "SOBER". ♥

Waiting to get an ECHO... — at Valley Care.

Ultrasound... And stuff.

Great words of wisdom...

August 31

Hello Hello Hello... Halfway done... Today is a trip down to the hospital for a CT scan. Doing both, w/o contrast and with. Most of the time I don't enjoy these days because of the anxiety and the actual reason I have to do them. However, I can relax today because I believe all of these test's are going to lead to one word... We aren't there just yet, but we are close I think! Word of the Day is "REMISSION". ♥

BTW - I'm psyched to have this day with you guys! Thanks for everything!

mmm mmmm mmmmm! Here we go!

Oh, just drinking some Barium Sulfate Suspension. You? — at Olive View-Ucla Medical Center

Done! MUST EAT. Protein bar and some water never looked so good...

BTW - I'm psyched to have this day with you guys! Thanks for everything!

September 1
Checkout this YouTube link. It's a little promo regarding the "It Ain't Chemo" nonprofit group that has done so much for my family and me. They're awesome: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oihHT6oZGMo&feature=youtu.be

Today is dedicated to the love of my life, Mrs. Jacky Kreple. Most of you know, Jax and I have been through the ringer this past year. I HAVE to tell you that SHE's responsible for the degree of success we've had. She makes sure I get to my appt.'s, gives my med's and still gives my daily shots. In the beginning she asked me to FIGHT for her and the kids, so I had to! Happy Birthday Jax! Thanks for everything and I wish the best day for you. YOU ARE THE BEST!

Word of the Day is "JACKY". ♥

September 2
Hey man - I was just appreciating one of my girl friends (a female, who is also my very good friend), Ms. Roslyn Gaudin, and realized how much I really appreciate each and everyone of you!

A quote... “To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world.”

It's finally Friday and a holiday weekend... I hope it is a very enjoyable time for you! We don't have anything planned yet, but something just might pop up. Love you guys!

Word of the Day is "FLOURISH". ♥

September 3
Yeah, you caught me. Listening to Adele's 21. Wow that is a great record. The songs "Rumor Has It" and "He Won't Go" are sooo good! Check it out!

Happy Saturday! Hope you and your peepz have a great long weekend together. Stay safe and close!

Got some studio time coming today and I'm looking forward to that.

A quote - “The truth is not for all, only for those who seek it.” Ayn Rand

Word of the Day is "ENJOY". ♥

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