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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Week of August 14

August 14
Wow, almost forgot, exactly one year ago this morning I found a not so little unwelcome passenger living in my body! We shall name it.... PUNK BITCH!

Wonderful HOT Sunday morning in the desert today. A few honey-do's, some of my own too. Can't wait to see how the day unfolds... Love you guys and hope you get what you need today!

Word of the Day is "DREAMING". ♥

August 15
RIP Coach Shawn Thompkins.

Good Monday morning folks. Muster it up however you need to and bring yer "A" game. "Motivated" grabbed me early and hasn't let go so it looks like a big day is in store! We lost an incredible human being yesterday in Shawn Tompkins II. Please send love and prayers to his family. He has had a significant impact on the world of Mixed Martial Arts. He will be missed.

Phrase of the Day is "ONE FOOT IN FRONT OF THE OTHER!" ♥

August 16

Seize the day before it seizes you! Deep Love and Respect for you all!

Phrase of the Day is "IT AIN'T CHEMO!" ♥

August 17
Yesterday was the actual diagnosis anniversary. so today is the admittance into the hospital anniversary. Madison came from TX to be with us(thanks to her momma!). We had a Guardian Angel in Dr. David Ulick guide our way. So first, I raise this toast to God Almighty thru whom all things are possible. Second, to the greatest wife and kids EVER. Third, to all of you who have selflessly given your love and support. Last, the first sighting of mo-freakin SUPERMAN!

Phrase of the Day is "UP UP AND AWAY!". ♥

August 18
Superman Snuggie courtesy of Johnny Rivas... Protecting the planet one bagel with cream cheese and jelly at a time!

I started back at Lancaster Ata this week. Love going back to where it all started! Gearing up for another It Ain't Chemo weekend in Vegas. I havent a clue what The Silver Fox, aka Kevin Hoyt has in store! When we text he keeps texting me his evil laugh... I'm scared!!!! haha Well, have a great day and get your good-foot on. Somewhere, someone is looking to you to lead the way! So lead with some passion!

Word of the Day is "CURRENT". ♥

August 19
Making my way down to Juniper Post to get some more pointers from David Barber. So thankful to be back to work. BTW - not going to Vegas until next weekend. Leading fight team tonight for Professor so it will certainly be a tough one so bring your gear! Happy to have this day with you, and love ya'll to the moon and back!

Word of the Day is "OPPORTUNITY". ♥

August 20
Waking up. Getting trampled by the critters and trying to use the Jimmy Scott force to make the coffee. Oh wait, Jax is on it! ;-p — with Jacqueline Meijer-Kreple at The Big Bed.

Mostly taking it ez today! Have a great day and do the things you love to do with the ones you love! Happy Sunday.

Song of the Day is "OH HAPPY DAY!" ♥ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BD2D6eter7M

Wishing Team Handsome's Jimmy Jones a stellar victory tonight! He will continue to do great things in the cage... oh yeah, he's not bad looking either - - haha duh, he IS Team Handsome! On the local tip, going to to try and ice my feet and legs from a great sparring session with the boys last night. If black 'n' blue is any sign of progress, I made leaps and bounds last night ha. Heard a good one last night, "Live, like you Believe!"

Word of the Day is "THINK". ♥

Exactly one year ago today I was instructed to go get an ultrasound because I found something in my body that shouldn't be there. My tumor. My doc said we needed the ultrasound, so Jacky, my son Lance and I went. While resting on the "bed" the tech squirted the gel and went to work. As I lay there, Jacky and Lance were talking about when she had her first while she was prego with him. Meanwhile, the tech is surfing around and as if on cue she said, "oh, yep there it is..." without missing a beat I looked at her completely serious and said, "I'm not so sure I am ready to have a baby!"  8-)

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