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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Week of June 26

June 26

He's been delivered! It's a travel day for Lance. Mom's a wreck... her baby will be gone for ten days. When you have a sec, send her some support. Also, gearing up to start my radiation treatment tomorrow morning. Something very special is happening today. I will keep you updated as it happens. So much to be grateful for! The Word of the Day is "MAJOR". ♥
My boy.....arriving in Michigan.

OK, so Lance made it to Michigan in fine fashion... The BIG to-do today was a bust... I was set-up to meet and hang with 50 Cent. He had written a movie and starred in it too called "THINGS FALL APART". It's the story of a child hood friend of 50's that was diagnosed with... yes cancer! He's a fight fan as well and the studio owner thought it would be a cool friendship. Maybe next time... shorty! ;))

June 27
Good Morning ya'll. For the next month, we'll be at the Antelope Valley Cancer Center. It is an outpatient process. Mon-Fri and then a break on Sat and Sun. It's very quick too, less than an hour per visit. Of course we'll be paying close attention to everything, but they say I'll be able to continue to train. I will do that!!! Love you guys, Word of the Day is "JOURNEY". ♥

Had to share since we've been goin' shoulder to shoulder the whole way! Mad LOVE people!

Many years ago!!!!!! My little Mr. Boo!
June 28
Mr. Lance and his awesome family in the Mitten.

Glorious day to be ALIVE! Heard from my sister, Bobbie. that they are headed to Michigan's Adventure, the water park, and then the cabin to ride the quad and shoot the guns. Man, that sounds perfect for Lance. Back this morning for some more treatment and then a good ol' fashioned ass-kicking workout. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Phrase of the Day is "IONIZING RADIATION". ♥

From Jacky: Radiation went good today. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO stressful first time. Michael CancerSurvivor Kreple is so amazing I love you babe. Thanks for fighting the good fight!!!!! I think we could both use a good massage from holding all that stress. Hope everyone out there is doing great love love love ♥

...and from Michigan...

June 29
It appears to be another rockin day here in SoCal. Heard from the Michigan crew yesterday and they were having "the best day ever!" That's what it's all about right there! Building the memories! Anyway, very glad to do the same with you guys today, and I thank you for that! Willing to do whatever it takes.

Word of the Day is "ABLE". ♥

June 30
Getting ready to head out to Vegas tomorrow to hang with Kevin Hoyt founder of It Ain't Chemo. He's set up one of the most incredible weekends ever. Bucket list check offs coming up, THAT'S AN UNDERSTATEMENT! Will be posting pics as the opportunities unfold. As for today, back in the ol' chair again and then over to the gym! Phrase of the Day "MMA 4 LIFE". ♥

Four of five...a nearly perfect day.

July 1
hellz to the yeah!
pic of cells
... .... ..... Phrase of the Day is "GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

July 2
It Ain't Chemo and Kevin Hoyt blew my mind tonight! U N R E A L!

So the last 24 hours were not a dream and the plans laid out for us for the next 24 are just as awesome. UFC 132 tonight, across the street from our hotel. Special thanks to It Ain't Chemo, Kevin Hoyt, Barbara Hoyt and family, Marty Bindschatel, Noreana Desiree Seaux and all of crew here in Vegas! You guys ROCK!

Word of the Day is "FULL" ♥

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