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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Week of July 17

July 17
The ol' iTunes had something in mind for me that I did not quite expect this fine morning! You know how you probably have several different playlist's? Well, I've got a few. My Mix, Metal Mix, Hip Hop Mix... e.t.c. I put it on just my Music folder and it went to Iron Maiden - Where Eagles Dare! Holy Smokes... Needless to say, I am off and running now!

Word of the Day is "DARE". ♥

July 18
Had an amazing hang with Tom Kemp and Kim Bills Kemp yesterday. Great conversation, great food, and great people! Kids had a blast too! Starting week four in the microwave this morning. Get through this week and then just one more week to go! The countdown is at 6 until the oldest returns from her unbridled summer in The Lonestar State! Cool!

Band of the Day is "BLACK STONE CHERRY". ♥

July 19
Dang... Facebook is alive and bangin' this morning. So good morning everyone! Looks like the usual kind of amazing day here in SoCal. Hope everyone has an exceptional day and you get to spend it doing something fun with the ones you love.

Word of the Day is "WATER". ♥

July 20
Killin Punk Bitch, once and for all! It's sad here, people are sick. Like real sick. — at Antelope Valley Cancer Center.

In an odd mood today... it's good but just different. Gonna see where this one takes me. Love you guys and hope it's an awesome day for you!

Word of the Day is "STONE". ♥

Now I know what the mood is for... Rest Easy Warrior! God Bless your travels Andrew Felix. IAC forever!

July 21
More of the same today. Over to AVCC this morning for some nukin' and then come on home and rest for a little bit. Bounce back and then get the groove on for the rest of the day. Appreciate being here with you guys. The It Ain't Chemo family lost cancer warrior Andrew Felix yesterday, so be sure to tell those who matter to you how much you love them. Nothing is forever!

Word of the Day is "INTENTION". ♥

July 22
Great Friday to ya... feeling blessed. Last nuking this week @ 9:20 and then looks like some studio time with Tonebender Guitars. The Thirty Dollar Stella project is inching toward the finish line with their debut cd. Fight team-tonight at 5. Let's get out there and take it too'em. Today will be awesome!

Word of the Day is "DEGREE". ♥

July 23
Attn: There will be a boxing training session with boxing coach extraordinaire, Jose Noyola this morning at Domenic Massaric Park. 56th St. E and Ave. R. Training begins at 10:30. Bring $5. Anyone who wants to attend, may. Hope everyone has a great day!

Word of the Day is "WEAVE". ♥

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