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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Week of August 21

August 21
Mostly taking it ez today! Have a great day and do the things you love to do with the ones you love! Happy Sunday.

Song of the Day is "OH HAPPY DAY!" ♥ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BD2D6eter7M

August 22
Good morning and a great day to you guys! Vegas/It Ain't Chemo countdown is at 3. This weekend will be a total blast. Kevin Hoyt can't wait to see you and the family bro! Happy to get back to work today and get this film's dialog one step closer to prepped. Played guitar over the weekend just long enough to get blistered... guess who needs to play more music? Have a rockin' good time today! Word of the Day is "REINVENT". ♥

August 23
Countdown is at 2! I keep telling Lance that he is going to go somewhere he's never been. Yesterday he looked at me and asked, "Dad, did you buy a beach house?" Hahaha I love that kid! Congratulations on a beautiful Tuesday! Sitting out front with Jax drinking our first cups of coffee and watching the mockingbirds and our duck get their breakfast. I certainly could think of worse things to be doing! Love you all!

Phrase of the Day is "BOOM BOOM". ♥

August 24
Waking up my son this morning, I had a fun memory of my childhood and my Dad would come in to wake me up blowing the Army Trumpet call known as "Reveille" with his mouth... I thought he was crazy back then, now I realize how fun and caring he was! Care to share any cool memories from your childhood? Please do! Countdown is at 1 and again it looks like yet another picture perfect day here in SoCal.

This is what Professor wrote on his wall and it seems appropriate:

"Success is to be measured not so much by the position that you have reached in life but by the obstacles that you have overcome while trying to succeed."

Kevin is great and will do more amazing stuff. Next on his list is marrying your Momma! xoxoxo

Word of the Day is "FLOATY". ♥

August 25
AND..... HERE.. WE.. GO! Vegas here we come! Getting Lance out of school and then getting on the road by 1. The mischievous Kevin Hoyt and honorable It Ain't Chemo are behind this whole thing again and I have no idea what's coming. Have a blast-tastic day! A quote-"Success is to be measured not so much by the position that you have reached in life but by the obstacles that you have overcome while trying to succeed!" Bob Anderson. Word of the Day is "TRIP". ♥

August 26
Training with Gil Martinez
Good morning Las Vegas! Amazing training sessions with Gil Martinez and Ron Frazier at Xtreme Couture MMA. Today will be epic as well, rolling with Ryan C. and whatever else It Ain't Chemo and Kevin Hoyt has up their sleeve. Great to see other members of Team Handsome as well as Andrew Felix dubbed Gil "The Protector" Guardado! Coffee and some pool time with Jax and Lance is first on the card today. Phrase of the Day is "STAY CALM". ♥

Grappling with Ry An was amazing... Thanks again bro! Talked me thru some great pointers and made some great suggestions! A very generous dude with an It Ain't Chemo heart!!!!! Resting until the fights tonight and then the big pool party tomorrow! Life is G O O D!

August 27
Congrats to all the fighters last night. They all got in there and put it down. TUff N Uff ran a great show as usual. Another beautiful day here in Las Vegas. On our way out to Las Vegas Speedway in a few short minutes, we'll be posting as many picture's as we can or I should say as long as my Droid lasts. Big pool party later today and of course the fights tonight. Very thankful for this day and all the rest I get to spend with ya. Word of the Day is "UNFORGETTABLE". ♥

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