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Friday, September 2, 2011

Week of June 12

June 12
My heart is just a smilin' away Pops! I am missing you and Mom so much!
My Pops with the hammer down!

June 13
trying to figure out what to say today... a dear family friend lost her Mom last night to cancer... What it all means I guess we'll never know. I mean really, it's like a sick game of Russian Roulette! A game NO-ONE should be up against! Stand Up to Cancer! No what I really mean is F*&K CANCER! Phrase of the Day is "SEEING RED".

June 14
COME ON... you brainiacs!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU CAN DO IT! ♥

Mom, will you please add Paul Stuefen of Caledonia to your substantial prayer list? He is battling brain cancer. Pass him on to others please!

Got my ALTER BRIDGE playin', and it certainly is a better day today. Jax went and picked up our friend at the airport last night and got her to her destination safely. Thanks for being that person Jax! She'll, hopefully, begin her healing time now.

Need to get over to the gym and work it out, cut the lawn and then prep for a recording session tonight! WofD is "PEACE". ♥

June 15
I love it when a plan comes together! Sometimes it's really hard to let it though... :-) Have a great day folks and enjoy the people you love! In the next day or two I'll be getting my radiation tattoos so naturally.,.,.,., the Phrase of the Day is "DA PLANE, DA PLANE!". ♥

June 16
just as the song says... LIFE MUST GO ON!!!!!!!!!! so today, make it special! Love you all dearly! Word of the Day is "STRENGTH". ♥

June 17
Tattoo day!

Getting my TATTOO'S in just a little bit. 11:00 to be precise. Have had two great phone interviews/talks with a potential employer. Get to do the "face to face" next week. I'll shave and wear clean undies! Momma didn't raise no foooo... :-)

At the risk of being redundant, well heck, a little redundance is GOOD. I want to say that I Love and appreciate all of you! Word of the Day is "FRIENDSHIP". ♥

June 18
Bringin the Punch to the Party! Happy Saturday! Let's Get It On! Phrase of the Day is "KICK HIS ASS SEABASS!" ♥

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