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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Week of July 3

July 3
Heading home from one of the best week-end's EVER!

Burnin up the highway...
Good Morning... The fights last night were awesome! Hung out with some amazing people afterwards and really feeling the love and support. Getting our bags packed and ready for the drive home. Thanks again to It Ain't Chemo and Kevin Hoyt for making dreams come true this weekend! It was perfect. Phrase of the Day is "IT AIN'T CHEMO!" ♥

July 4
"Live like ya mean it!" Happy fourth of July!

Phrase of the Day is "CUSTOM FADED"... ♥

July 5
Rise and shine... Pickin it up right where we left it off. Back to the microwave this morning for the start of week two, then to the gym and hopefully some work. Lance comes home tonight. We are very excited to have him back. Thanks again to the Vegas crew for such a great weekend. We'll be back sooner rather than later.

Word of the Day is "WORTHWHILE". ♥

July 6
Feelin a little funky this awesome morning. Mama's got me under house arrest for the day. Probably a good thing since Lance came home last night. Spending the day with him is the perfect remedy.

Special thanks to our Michigan family for being kick ass and taking such great care of the "superkid". Alter Bridge keeping it real this morning,

Song of the Day is "IN LOVING MEMORY". ♥

July 7
Somethings appear the same only to shock you when you get to the heart of the matter. Make a difference.

Word of the Day is "GIVING". ♥

July 8
Hello hello. So much to be grateful for even during these "interesting" times. It's awesome to have Lance back home. Over for the nuking this morning and then hopefully to the gym. I see music in my immediate future too. We'll just go with the flow. Love you guys very much and wish an awesome day for you!

Word of the Day is "CONQUER". ♥ D. Blake this one is for you {{{*}}}

July 9
Reno's Big Hit Record in the studio today... Should be a rocking good time. '74 Tele with a '65 Fender Deluxe-sounds a bit like a history lesson! Coach Bob Anderson and Johnny Rivas, Carlo Jay Magno, Devin Cussimonio and Manny Alceda you guys rock and thanks for bringing this old man to the party...

Word of the Day is "BOLD". ♥

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