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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Week of September 11, 2011

September 11
‎--------------------- September 11, 2001 ------------------------

----------------------Love and Respect---------------------------
September 12
Good morning world!

More Pre-Dubbing in the lovely city of Burbank, Ca. today! This film is coming along quite nicely. Of course, thanks greatly to David Barber, David Kitchens, Ben Zarai, Sean Gray and Bino Espinoza. All as kickers at Juniper Post, Inc. Also a shout out to Jody Holwadel Thomas at The Sync Tank Foley Stage. She is one of the greatest people and best bosses I've ever worked for.

BTW-this is NOT The Truman Show... ;-)

Clothing company of the Day is "HUMBLE ME CLOTHING". Marty Bindschatel

September 13
Getting started is the toughest hurdle to clear, and exactly right NOW is the perfect time to get into action! Today is going to be great!

Some lyrics...

"Are you willing to fight for me
... Are you willing to sacrifice
cause you know I would die for you!" Black Stone Cherry

Deep love and Respect for you ALL! I hope you have an awesome day!

Word of the Day is "STARTING". ♥

September 14

OK. Game time!

Hey there, hi there, hello there...

Arguably-Today, is one of the biggest days of this cancer journey so far. Have completed chemo and radiation, gone from omnivore to herbivore and back again... have gotten used to needles and what it really means to be "sick". After the last run of tests, today we are crossing our fingers and praying for total recovery! I will keep you all posted as it happens. Word of the Day is "PLANNING". ♥
'Bout to dominate an omelett at Denny's

One of the Greatest Days in my life EVER!

The Doc looked me square in the face and said...

"Oh for sure,
you ARE IN...

(drum roll please)

R E M I S S I O N!"

Today is a GREAT day!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo
I couldn't have had this result without all of  YOU!

Special thanks to Jax for being the best friend and ally!

I love you, babe!

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