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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Week of April 17

April 17
Steely Dan playing Deacon Blues on the iTunes and flooding memories of Pops at the old Marshall house down in the garage working on the boat, the motorcycle or whatever it was. Just want to thank him for being committed to us all along and Mamma for holding IT all together! You guys inspire me and have set a pretty high standard damn it :-) I Love you guys! Word of the Day is "PARENTS". ♥

April 18
Monday morning... BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Word of the Day is "NEXT". ♥




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April 19
Going to Palmdale High this morning with Bob Anderson and Tom Kemp to do a demonstration of the training we do at Tapout Antelope Valley. Went back to TKD last night at Lancaster Ata. They have a family class which was great to do w/ the kids. Madison Hope and I stayed for regular class after too. I love you! Word of the Day is "RETURN".♥

April 20
Home game tonight vs. Palmdale High... we're ready! Gotta get some yard work done this morning though, the front yard looks like an outraged Chia Pet! Training has been going really good too! Anywho - have a great day! Word of the Day is "OVERGROWN". ♥

April 21
Good Morning fellow peepz! How are ya'll? Check in with me and let me know what's up with ya, please! Training this morning then practice to get ready for our big game tomorrow night vs. Lancaster High. Have a great day! Word of the Day is "PERSPECTIVE". ♥

April 22
Happy Friday! Doing our 5 week performance testing at TapouT this morning. Should do well. BIG game tonight vs. Lancaster High. PLEASE come on down and get that REBEL spirit. Coach Vance Goodell and the boys are gonna throw it down tonight. GO REBELS! oh yeah, started cutting weight yesterday, can anyone think of why I would do that? LOVE and think of you often! Word of the Day is "SOMETHING". ♥

April 23
Holy Moly!!!!!! What a night! Congrats to Vance Goodell and the boys for pulling out a victory for Quartz Hill High... YES - GO REBELS! For what it's worth, Lancaster High is legit and has a very very good team! My JV boys are making a name for themselves too. Winning convincingly, OVER and OVER! I am very proud of them to say the least. Great job guys, way to go!

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