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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week of May 8

May 8
Happy Mother's Day! What would we do without you? Thanks for everything! Love to you today! Word of the Day is "MOM". ♥

My beautiful wife!

Gotta get it going... training at Tapout Antelope Valley and the the big bash tonight... Love you... Word of the Day is "SITUATION".. ♥

May 9
Up and at'em... Boot Camp Tapout Antelope Valley first thing with The Madster... Then on with the job hunt. Traveling with QHHS Boys Volleyball - Varsity for the first round of CIF. These guys will do great! I hope everyone has a fantastic day and, of course, make it count. Love you ALL!

Word of the Day is "FIVE". ♥

May 10
Great morning to you! Some amazing things in the works and as they are confirmed with dates I will be posting more. Special thanks to Brett Baker, the best manager ever. He is single handedly making our life better. Thanks bro! Already did the morning training and got the kids to school. Now for the rest of the day... Let's DO IT!

Word of the Day is "ALIVE". ♥

May 11
OK-this is one of the amazing things happening here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6g3yIESJwT0 This gentleman, Russ Scala, talked with my manager Brett Baker and is onboard to provide treatment for me. I just spoke with him yesterday and I think I will be flying to Florida to do his tests and getting educated. What a blessing! Unspeakable gratitude for you Mr. Baker.

Word of the Day is "WOW". ♥

May 12
Whoa... who snuck in the "old man" back? Oh... my lower back is killing me this morning. Well, gonna make the best of it no matter what. I hope you all have a great day. Thankful to be with you today!

Word of the Day is "TONE". ♥

May 13
Runnin a little but it's all good though. Still sore in my back. I got it to crack, but today it's hurting in a different spot. Aahhhh! Taking it easy from training. That aside, everything is friggin' awesome and so happy that summer is right around the corner. To you all - THANK YOU for being here with me. It means a lot!

Word of the Day is "VILLAGE". ♥

May 14
awesome training with Tom Kemp, Manny Alceda, Madison Hope, Aaron Pedroza and of course Bob Anderson. Come to the gym from 11-2 at Tapout Antelope Valley we're having a BBQ and it is open to the public. Also, Michael's Wellness Center, you guys, this guy is making big changes in my life...

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