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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week of May 15

May 15
Have a great day everyone... Love to love you guys. Word of the Day is "PRODUCT". ♥

May 16
Gettin it together... FINALLY! Headed over to the gym to get a workout in. If you missed what is going on in the most recent happenings...check this non-profit out, they kick so much azz... They have graciously brought The Kreples on board. It Ain't Chemo... have a wonderful day people, loving you dearly!

Word of the Day is "LAUNCH". ♥

May 17
All right, LET'S GOOOOOOOOO! Gonna be a great day. Training this morning with Michael's Wellness Center and then getting ready for the end of season banquet for QHHS volleyball... I hope you all have a fantastic day and as we should every day, Make it count.

Phrase of the Day is "LIVING THE LIFE I WAS BORN TO LIVE!". ♥

May 18
You all are totally unbelievable... I am Completely HUMBLED!

Phrase of the Day is "THE BEST DAY EVER". ♥

May 19
You guys... kicked my butt with so many Birthday wishes. Thank you for helping make it the most incredible birthday EVER!

Taking the morning off from training, apparently my body needed some rest... slept right through my alarms. ;) Be back in there tonight though. Thanks again for a day full of love and happiness, Love you all!

Word of the Day is "BODACIOUS". ♥

May 20
GREAT day to be here with you guys again... Looking forward to tomorrow as we are having a MONSTER birthday dual celebration. If you're in town tomorrow and want to come, hit me up or Jax and I will guide you in from whereever. Keep on keepin on!

Word of the Day is "CIRCLES". ♥

May 21
Gotta get it going... training at Tapout Antelope Valley and the the big bash tonight... Love you all.

Word of the Day is "SITUATION".. ♥
Me and my buddy, Caleb.

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