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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Week of April 24

April 24
Stellar training session yesterday with Carlo Jay Magno, Manny Alceda and Tom Kemp. Workin the Greco Roman/dirty boxing. Loved it but MAN, it's a dirty way to play! haha ! Anyway, It's Easter and I want to wish you a very happy and beautiful day. Love you guys! Word of the Day is "RESURRECTION". ♥

April 25
ATTN: EKHS friends, I am saddened deeply at news of the loss of a dear dear man. Mr. Schon Washington has passed this evening. I am waiting more information from his family and will pass it on when I receive it, or reach out to Glynn ,his brother, here on facebook. Please keep the Washington family in your thoughts and prayers! ToTal BS.... Rest easy Schon, rest easy. ♥

Morning ya'll! Gonna get some training in before we gotta hustle down to the hospital. Blood work day. Anticipating the "thumbs up" from my Oncologist's. Will keep updating through out the day. Love you all the mostestfullness of all. Word of the Day is "ROUTINE". ♥

April 26
Fighters for Life baby! Nothing stoppin The Krippler! We're here NOW! So we take the next step! Who's tougher than me and you? EXACTLY - DEATH TO PUNK BITCH FOREVER! F-ing piece of crap!!!!!!!!! (excuse me Ma Kreple, and anyone else who has PG ears!)

Gonna sleep on it... Love you guys beyond words! As my brother Carlo Jay Magno says... Peace Love and Chicken Grease! Good Night! ♥

April 27
It's a new day!  Some perspective, please. :-)  Had a good nights sleep and feel mo-betta.  Good mornin!

The Journey - The short version:
 The "team" has become skeptical of the "mass" that still remains.  It is just on the cusp of their limits for concern.  Blood work came back good, but the recurrence of Non-Hodgkin's-Lymphoma/Diffuse Large B-Cell is possible.  Sooo, they are having a "special" meeting to discuss yours truly on May 17 and on the 18th we go in to talk to them.  I will be back in for CT and PET Scans next week.  They're thinking radiation!  Oh joy... BUT - all I know is, that PB(Punk Bitch for the nubes)is NOT active right now and that is fact - NOT a guess or a statistic.  Just sayin...

 Anyway, got some "tear your head off" metal blasting from iTunes, the sun is shining and I am in a great mood.  Going to the gym to get my training on!  Grateful for my FAMILY and FRIENDS to the "nth-degree".  Phrase of the Day is "CUT ME MICK".  ♥

  Whatever it takes!

"...out here in the boondocks we buy beer and Amoco and crank our Kraco speakers with that country radio..." Sometimes it's simple things that make ya grateful! Country rock is doin just fine today! Word of the Day is "HICKTOWN". ♥

April 28
All right, let's do this! Big shout out to my awesome sister Sheri Logsdon. It is her birthday. Happy Birthday Big Sis! Gettin my training on this morning and then another vball game tonight vs. Eastside. Yeah REBELS! Looking forward to another kick ass day! Word of the Day is "TRANSFORM". ♥

Couldn't quite get it going completely... my boys played well but hitting errors killed us. We are a much better team than P. Knight High. Gotta chalk this one up to... "we'll get'em next time!" Proud of ya guys, Eastside tomorrow night! Let's go REBELS!
Again my boys came up short. However, I still feel very proud of them. They are an OUTSTANDING group of young men. Busy with a tournament this weekend and then the final week of regular season. I love these guys and it's been my privilege to be their coach. We'll finish strong! GO REBELS!

April 29
ok... let's rock! Going to train this morning-as usual-and then QHHS Boys Volleyball - Varsity is in a two day tourney and I get to go. Going to be a good time for sure. Oh, forgot to give the dates... CT Scan is May 5 and the PET Scan is May 6. The beginning of the next part of some journey we're supposed be on...I guess! Anyway-Have a great day and love you guys. Word of the Day is "NOWHERE". ♥
Tourney...here we come!

April 30
Day 2... here we go... UFC 129 tonight... what a day! Word of the Day is "REBELS". ♥

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