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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Week of May 1

May 1
Happy Sunday and Happy May! Love you guys. Word of the Day is "GO". ♥

May 2
... up at the crack of dawn to ... yes, go to the gym. taking the little miss Madison with me. She's thrilled to be up this early. ;) Entering the last week of vball. Will be a great week for sure. Have a great day and rise to it! Love you guys soooo much! Word of the Day is "COMMITTED". ♥

May 3
Reason #4,872 to be happy and alive... Gettin it done as a family! Nothing feels as good as that! Been to the gym at 5:30 and headed back for my training with Michael's Wellness Center at 9. Three weeks until I fly to Michigan for a much needed hang with the family there. That'll be fun! Have a great day people. Word of the Day is "DIGNITY". ♥

May 4
Happy Hump-Day! Back to it... trained this morning with Madison at 5:30 and now on the mad job search. Last home game tonight vs. Antelope Valley High. Game starts at 5 at Quartz Hill High. Hope to see you there! GO REBELS! Have a great day my AWESOME friends and family! Phrase of the Day is "LET'S GET IT UP". ♥

May 5
Great Thursday to you! Happy Cinco de Mayo! Gonna train this morning at 9:30 and then on the job hunt again. Back to the hospital for a CT scan later this afternoon. Practice after that and then a detox bath to rid the body of the CT contrast crapola! I'm grateful and know it could be much much worse. Gonna rock this mutha! Love to you all and the Word of the Day is "PATH". ♥

Quartz Hill High School boys volleyball team did it again!!! Whooped up on Antelope Valley on a very special night. Eagle Rock got in there and put it down. Love you Joe! If we all had the heart you have, the world would would be magnificent. I'm gonna hang my boys by their little socks...Losing three winning three. Still love 'em though. They are great young men. Can we please end the season with a win? I think we can!!!

May 6
TGIF! It's here and much to do. Up early to go get some training in with Madison Hope and then it's get'em to school and on to the hospital right away for the PET Scan. Last volleyball game of the season for my boys tonight vs. Little Rock. GO REBELS! Oh yeah, musicians wanted to come record in my studio, for cheap! The LOVE Train's a rollin'.

Phrase of the Day is "AAAALLLLLL RIGHTY THEN". ♥

May 7
W O W! QHHS Boys Volleyball - Varsity just played some amazing volleyball tonight! Those boys are something else! All League selections are in the morning and I will be representing for coach Vance Goodell! CIF tourney starts Monday and It's gonna be awesome! QHHS JV Boys, I am so proud of you guys and how far we've com in such a short time. Love you guys so much! GO REBELS

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