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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Week of January 30

January 30
It couldn't have been a better day yesterday... Thank you EVERYONE who came out to ATA and broke boards. Mr. Robinson, you are a great friend and a great leader. Thanks for everything. I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday! Love you guys madly! Word of the Day is "HUMBLED". ♥
Handsome son with a new haircut!

January 31
A GREAT morning! Had a wonderful weekend with all the people I love and admire. Going to be a very busy next couple weeks with Dr. appts.-work & training. Speaking of training, turning up the heat and getting ready for my Feb. 18 fight. The weight cut is lame but I'm right on target. I can't wait to have a Double Double Animal Style ;)) oh and a strawberry shake... Everyone say the Word of the Day "RECOVERY". ♥

February 1
Up late, but feelin great! The work keeps rolling in and I am so grateful for that! It's been a long dry spell. Tuesday brings more of The Chicago Code and more conditioning. Oh and by the way... Happy February! Let's rock another one shall we? Oh FO SHO! Word of the Day is "ALKALINE". ♥

February 2
Another visit w a Dr. today. We're at a foot and ankle guy today! Working our butts off to get our nutrition dialed in even more. WOW-lot's of work to be as healthy as possible. Worth it though. Enjoying more than ever getting up with Jacky and Lance and getting the day started. I recommend the "right" side of the bed for everyone ;)) Word of the Day is "HORIZON". ♥

February 3
"Quit Does Not Exist!" Word of the Day is "PERSEVERANCE". ♥

February 4
Just like Josh Turner's song says... "I'm feelin good and everything is fine!" Very happy to be with ya'll again today. WE gotsta drop some bombz today. Blowin it up ya know!?!?!? The countdown begins, 2 weeks until my fight on the 18th. Train Fight WIN! Love to each and everyone of you. Thanks for everything. Phrase of the Day is "Pay it Forward". ♥

February 5
Good Morning on this most excellent Saturday. Big weekend! UFC 126 tonight and then the big game tomorrow. Packers and Steelers! Trying to make the most out of everyday and living for the moment! Love you all... Word of the Day is "EXCITEMENT". ♥

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