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Friday, January 28, 2011

Week of January 23

January 23
... and on with the day.... going to get a well earned massage with friend Priscilla Emely Sanchez, if you are in the market for a great massage Priscilla is your girl. Thank you Jax for this!!!!!

Enjoy the beautiful day... Word of the Day is "RELEASE". ♥

January 24
OK-HERE WE GO!!!!!!! Hospital day today, do my morning conditioning and training and then off to get blood work. Meet with the doctor's and make plans for our next visit. Anticipating best case scenario!!!!! Anyway-keep up all the greatness and love and support for eachother.

Fundraiser for us to help with medical and other costs. Please come and help with this fun and important event...BREAKATHON!

Please add Mr. and Mrs. Blake to you prayer list. He is fighting THE fight and she may be as well. Thank you!

WotD is "BATTLE". ♥

January 25
God is Good! Well, we went from a CT Scan in four weeks to a CT and a PET Scan on the SAME DAY in just over 2 weeks. That'll be a g r e a t Valentine's Day,,,,,NOT. Numbers were off, but Mom Kreple found out it could be caused by "excessive exercise". We're keepin it goin regardless! Love everyone always!

Word of the Day is "SATURATION". ♥

January 26
Da Hump Dahump... Da mid-week Lovely hump. Let's make history People! Bring it on! Whatever comes your way-ask it... "you sure you wanna ride this train..."

Love ya'll. Word of the Day is "MINDFUL". ♥

January 27
Good day SoCal... WORLD! Here's the Latest, CT Scan is scheduled for Feb. 7 and PET Scan for Feb. 8. Thanks to my awesome wife for making all this sh¡† happen. Everyone should be so lucky!

A quote - "Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them?" ~ Abraham Lincoln

Have an amazing day people, I LOVE you guys! Word of the Day is "EXPLOSIVE". ♥

January 28
TapouT is moving... from a not so great location to a killer corner spot in a strip mall... Busy gettin on with that. Had a sweet hang with some of the boys last night... much needed. Got lot's going on-let's do dis!

Have a great day and appreciate everyone. Word of the Day is "TEQUILA". ♥

January 29
It's a Board Break-A-Thon kind of day! Come one, come all! Lancaster ATA is hosting this event on our behalf to help raise money. We are very appreciative of Mr. Robinson and everything he has already done for The Kreple's.

Many thanks to all who came!

Here are the details... http://www.michaelkreple.myevent.com/3/events.htm Love you guys, feeling very blessed! Word of the Day is "CRACK". ♥

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