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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Week of January 2, 2011

January 2
Good Morning people! Looks like another award winning kind of day.

A BIG shout out to my awesome sister Sheri, and her husband Len, for their anniversary today. Awesome right? Keeping it on track.

A quote, “Real living is living for others.”

Love everyone all the time! Word of the Day is "SISTER". ♥

Sheri, Len, and Ben
 January 3
There is about 4 inches of snow covering the ground and it is gorgeous. Colder than you know what, but gorgeous.

Lance and his buddy, Preston, were up early and getting ready to go out and play.

Back at it today after a killer Christmas and New Year. 2011 here we come!

Love Everyone all the time. Word of the Day is "INSTANT". ♥

January 4
Got some Sly Stone rockin from the iTunes and a nice cup 'O jo starting out the morning. TapouT training and then more mixing in the studio.

Life really is awesome and meant to be enjoyed, so what do ya say?.?.?.?.?.?.?.?

Love everyone! Word of the Day is "REUNITED". ♥

January 5
Keepin it e-z! Make it a goal today to get someone to smile!

Today is the first official day OUT of my Chemo cycle. Pretty damn psyched about that... just sayin...

Missin my Madison... Word of the Day is "SCULPTURE". ♥


January 6
Thursday, January 6, 2011... well looks on paper to be a perfect kind of day!

So let's do this thing!!! Make it memorable! Love you all to the maximum of maximums... guess what the Word of the Day is... "MAXIMUM". ♥ Love everyone!

January 7
Going to have a killer day, it IS friday after all... And so the weight cut is in full effect... eggs, eggs and more eggs.Going to train in a bit, then get the studio going, and then fight team training again tonight. It's all comin back!!!! TRAIN, FIGHT, WIN!

"Champions aren't made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them, a desire, a dream, a vision." Muhammad Ali.

Word of the Day is "CHAMPION" ♥

January 8
Good Morning, I trust we all had a great week... Supa-Glad to be here with ya.

Pre-season training starts this week for the Quartz Hill guys volleyball team, looking forward to coaching the JV.

More of the same around here. TapouT this morning and then back into the studio.

Deadlines make me crazy!!!!!!!!!!

Word of the Day is "SYSTEM". ♥

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