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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Week of December 26

December 26
BLESSED! Word of the Day is "FULL". ♥

December 27
Such a nice weekend. Again, thank you for sharing it with me this year! To the hospital today for my 12 day Chemo follow up and to find out more about the "new" schedule. Certainly a good time will be had by all. :-)
Madison is still here and we are having a blast. Word of the Day is "REJUVENATED" ♥ Party on Garth................

December 28
Beyond Happy to be here again today. Had a decent visit to the hospital yesterday. Counts were mostly good. WBC was low, but normally low at the 12 day mark. Still workin at it!

Wishing my awesome parents a very Happy Anniversary. 46 years!!!!! Now that is something to count on!!!!! Word of the Day is "LONG-TERM". ♥
My mom and pop

December 29
*For the people who need a comeback*... A quote-“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.” Love you all! Word of the Day is "OPPORTUNITY". ♥

December 30
Sometimes we just gotta grab it by the horns and wrestle it until it gives up! A guy once said, "QUIT DOES NOT EXIST!" Never quit, never stop trying and NEVER give up!!!!!!!!!

Be the best YOU can be, always. Sending all of you big time Love, but especially today a whole boat-load to my sister, Bobbie, on her birthday.

Word of the Day is " COMMITMENT"! ♥ Love everyone!!!!

December 31
Off to the park for a run, some studio fun this afternoon, and then bringin' in the new year with The Douglas's.

Love everyone... ALLl the time!!!!! Word of the Day is "TOAST". ♥

January 1
Happy New Year beautiful people! Love everyone, ALL the time! Word of the Day is "NEW". ♥

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