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Friday, December 10, 2010

Week of December 5

December 5
Up and at'em... this is where it's at today! http://www.thestopcancer5k.com/   Nothing like a 5K to start your week! What an honor to be a part of something like this. Special thanks to Jody and David! Love you guys! Phrase of the day is "Run, Forest, Run!" ♥

December 6
Good Morning! The "STOP CANCER" run was great. What an honor.

To the hospital today for my 12 day follow up/CT Scan results.

I have assumed ownership of a pretty substantial lung infection. I am certain it is only a chest cold, but we'll have it checked out while we're there. I feel great still. Just coughin up ...some smirf's. Pneumonia is NOT an option. Love you guys madly! Word of the Day is "FINISH". ♥

December 7
It comes out to be good news, but I wasn't expecting it. The Doc said there's some "dead tissue" where the tumor was. He is certain it is "scar tissue" but they can't tell for sure. So, they will be keeping me under a very watchful eye. He explained, "if you get cut or burned, your body will heal, BUT, won't be the ...same. We are very happy that the PET Scan came back negative..." Word of the Day is "ALTERNATE". ♥

December 8
Started my "two-a-day" workouts... It feels SO great to be BACK! I am experiencing the chest cold limitations, BUT, that will be a thing of the past too :-)

Final Chemo countdown for #6 has BEGUN!  Madi comes in from TX on the 18th and then it's ON! Father/daughter back together, again!!!!!!!! Word of the Day is "BANGIN'". ♥

In honor of you, my brother, I have kept my silence for months waiting for the all clear, yesterday although not exactly how you wanted to hear it you did get the all clear!! You are cancer free!! One more chemo for the road followed by some love and protection and you are free!! I love you Michael and am so proud and happy to hear that you beat it! You are a true inspiration!! Thank you, God, for healing my brother Michael!! I love you!!!!!! (Teri Busch-Douglas)
December 9
‎*sigh* WOOOOOOOOOOOW! I am honored to have you guys in my life! You make everything WORTH it!!!!!!!!!!!! Chemo countdown - 5 days and counting...

Whose giant butt did we kick? PUNK BITCH's that's whose!! Word of the Day is "MIRACULOUS".

Livi'n free and loving you guys big. ♥

December 10
Let's get this Party started!!!!!! Looking forward to another amazing day!

Many things are happening, lot's of big things. Hope the day is great for you.

Don't forget, UFC 124 tomorrow night. Go GSP!!!!!!! Word of the Day is "MISSION". ♥

December 11

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