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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Week of December 19

December 19
I am complete now... Madison is here. I love her, missed her and now she sits across the table from me. There she is!
Have a great day... Happy Sunday, Love to Love! Word of the Day is "VENTURE". ♥
December 20
I wish I could see my sister's during the holiday's... I have great memories of them as a kid.

Me, Bobbie in pink, Sheri in yellow

Gonna have another great day, gotta study some chemistry with the Madster, workin in the studio and then training at the gym and TKD tonight. Will be a very busy couple weeks.

Celebrating the birth of the baddest dude to ever walk on earth, Jesus Christ. Word of the Day is "GRANTED". ♥

December 21
Good Morning and Great Day! Already been to the gym and working on marvelous cup 'o jo!

Having a nice day? Make it a memorable one and change the world... As Lenny Kravitz said, "WE GOT TO LET LOVE RULE!!!"

Still celebrating the baddest dude to walk the earth, Jesus Christ. Word of the Day is "PERCEPTION". ♥

December 22
Worth repeating... One Life, one chance, one LOVE... I am grateful for this opportunity to share another day with you guys. I never imagined it like this. I hope today is a continuation of a great journey discovering our most basic self. Have a great time!!!!!!!!! Word of the Day is "MISSION". ♥

December 23
Excited but pacing myself... excitable but focused... excitedly awaiting the wrapping paper massacre...;-) Fondue tomorrow night with the Steele's is going to be EPIC! However, I may break my "good-boy" nutrition plan to the NTH-degree... Loving you madly! Word of the Day is "BALANCE". ♥

December 24
Merry Christmas Eve... BIG day today...have a safe and wonderful day full of Life and Love. Word of the Day is "SINCERE". ♥

December 25
Merry Christmas...

Santa's across the world, have fun putting out those presents... Long live Santa Claus.

Bursting at the seamzzzz. Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Thank you for sharing with me this year... I Love you guys more than words can describe. Word of the Day is "TOGETHER". ♥

A great day...

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