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Friday, January 28, 2011

Week of January 16

January 16
Good Morning! It's all about the love baby... Enjoy each other while we can.

Word of the Day "FRIENDSHIP". ♥

January 17
Hey ya'll... Rockin the MLK Day! We should ALL have a dream! I love you guys and hope you have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!

Word of the Day is "OUTLOOK". ♥

January 18
The long week-end was awesome, but now it's time to get it goin'! Great Tuesday folks! Exactly four weeks until my fight, OH MAN I AM EXCITED FOR THAT! Been training my butt off gettin ready for that. A quote... "Things turn out best for those who make the best of the way things turn out." Lovin Life Baby!

Word of the Day is "NEW". ♥

January 19
feelin the effects of 4 hours of training,,, daily!... ok ok ok , SORE would be the beginning of the explanation of how I feel this morning! Holy Crap! Training IS coming along quite nicely. I do notice a difference in a couple things since cancer, BUT, all in all-it's awesome! Wishing you all a happy and productive day! Word of the Day is "CONDITIONING". ♥

January 20
Good Day Sunshine! It's only been about 13 hours since I've seen your face... ;) Just a quick note today about the benefits of staying happy and healthy. FITNESS HELPED SAVE MY LIFE!!!!!!!!! Have a run on the tread-mill or a swim in the pool. Just do it! Have a wicked great day and keep on it.

Word of the Day is "ANAEROBIC". ♥

January 21
Focus, Timing and Distance! Focus, Timing and Distance! Focus, Timing and Distance! Sending out a big blast of Love and appreciation for everyone today! Enjoy it while we can!!!!

Word of the Day is "CRUNCHES". ♥

January 22
The Chicago Code is what's on my plate this weekend. Cueing foley... yeah it is what it is, BUT it's nice to be back on that planet again! Conditioning later after I work for a bit. Had belt promotions last night, Blue Belt in Hawaiian Kempo at TapouT. Anyway-Love everyone always!

Word of the Day is "CLOSING". ♥

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