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Friday, January 28, 2011

Week of January 9

January 9
Enjoying a kick-azz Sunday! Cya tomorrow... Love everyone!

Word of the Day is "MAINTAIN". ♥

January 10
OK... up and at'em!!!!!! Back to school for Lance and yes, that means Jax and I are up gettin him going nice and early. The sunrise is beautiful and we're happy to be doing it together! I hope you have a great day and enjoy it the best way possible.

Much Love and Respect! Word of the Day is "FUTURE". . . ♥

January 11
Mixin all the right ingredients... makes for a great day! Went and got the go ahead from Quartz Hill High and will start training with the volleyball team today. Next is a Livescan, which is a background check, and a drug test. When Iclear both of those, it's On-Like-DonkeyKong... Have a fab day and Live BIG!!!!!!

Word of the Day is "LARGE". ♥

January 12
Busy, busy, busy... lot's goin' on. On to day three of training with the QHHS guys volleyball team... certainly a good way to earn their respect is to train WITH them. Seem to be a nice group of guys. Missin' Madison horribly. (stomp foot here) I WISH SHE WAS WITH MEEEEE! Have a great day and keep on keepin' on... Band of the Day is Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Crank it up dude!

Work of the Day is "CRANK". ♥

January 13
And how are we today? I hope everyone is ready for a great day! Most likely going to be a rockin good time as we rip open another Thursday! Over to the dox office to get some cortisone shots later today. It wore out in the same week in multiple places. My elbows and feet are killin' me. Cortisone is GOOD! :)

Anyway-loving you all very much and continued appreciation for everyone.

Word of the Day is "OFFICIAL". ♥

January 14
Woke up this morning feeling inspired and revved up! Officially passed my level 1 Blue Belt test in Hawaiian Kempo last night. Next month will test for my Black Belt and TKD. Never would have dreamed! Life is just so satisfying when all the pieces are together and the puzzle looks to be in order. Perfect!

A kick-azz today! Let's make it count.

A special shout-out to my sweet niece, Allison. Happy birthday, you sweet thing. Love you!

Word of the Day is "DRAMATIC". ♥

January 15
Headed down to The OC this morning. Get after it is what I say! Have a great day and live inspired! Word of the Day is "TRIUMPH" ♥

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