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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Week of February 6

February 6
... and here we go... Have a great Superbowl Sunday! Love everyone, always! Word of the Day is "COMMERCIALS". ♥

February 7
Good Morning and Great Day! Today we're in for my CT Scan. Piece of cake! Looking at 11 days until fight day and hit my weight goal right on time! I'll keep you guys posted from the hospital as much as I can. Have a superb day - oh yeah, Congrats to the Packers for their Championship! 100% all the time, Love! Word of the Day is "BARIUM". ♥

Not exactly boat drinks... But it's on the menu today! ;))

February 8
Feb 8 - 10 days and counting. Just trying to get through these tests and move on with my training. It will be great regardless! Have a fantastic day and kick "it's" ass! A Quote - "Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are." Have a great day! Word of the Day is "SHINE". ♥
Oh boy... This is fun!

February 9
‎9-nine-nueve-negen-neuf-neun... That's how many days until my fight! N I N E! Had great training sessions last night, feeling great! More Chicago Code today and more training. Did anyone catch the premiere of Chicago Code last night? Check it out! Again, call Jacky if you want tix to the fights next Friday. Living inspired... Loving you guys! Word of the Day is "HARMONY". ♥

February 10
Hello people!!!!! Workin into another great day and pretty excited about it! The countdown is at 8... again, more Chicago Code today, training, then to the chiro doc at 12:15 for another much needed adjustment. Anyway - we'll get the results from my tests on Monday, Valentine's Day. Keep it awesome and make it your own special kinda day! Love ya'll so much!. Word of the Day is "STRATEGY". ♥

February 11
"...feelin so fly, like a G6..." Rockin another one!!!!!! Have a great day! Word of the Day is "ELECTRIC". ♥


February 12
Pop Music... ☮ ♡ ✟ ... having an interesting day taking an online certification course to coach volleyball. I guess I could think of worse things. ♥ be safe! Word of the Day is "RATT".

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