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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Week of February 20

February 20

Had a blast last night with a group celebrating Tom Kemp's birthday. We all splurged wonderfully and had many many laughs. Eye is healing fine, the swelling is down quite a bit from yesterday and the colors are the most gorgeous blue's and purple's I've ever seen... LOL! Anyway-have a great Sunday and God Bless! Word of the Day is "SIMILAR". ♥

February 21
We're on our way down to the airport to deliver Sara safely for her trip back to the mitten. It's been a blast...GREAT having her here with us! Wishing everyone a great "President's Day" and if you have the day off, have a freaking great one. Loving you guys dearly. Word of the Day is "JET". ♥

February 22
Good Morning! We're up and at'em again today. Had a great 3-day weekend. Had my face x-rayed yesterday and my eye-socket IS NOT fractured. Great news! With all of the "super" foods Jax has me on, the swelling is virtually gone already and the bruising is going away quickly too. Back to the gym this morning. Have an excellent day and let the love shine on you! Word of the Day is "BEAUTIFUL". ♥

February 23

We are livin the life... So Blessed and thankful. Take a minute today and let God know that you are thankful too and appreciate your health and happiness!
Madison Hope, sweet 16!

Please take a second and wish my most AMAZING daughter Madison a very Happy Birthday. She is a Sweet Sixteen today... whoa, that officially makes me an old fart! ;-) I'm cool with that for today. Word of the Day is "MADISON". ♥

February 24
Hello and great morning to all! Look forward everyday to get on here and see what you're all up too! You guys are all incredible and doing amazing stuff! Been back at the gym getting my training groove on and back on the volleyball court too. Like riding a bike :-)

Shout out to Vance Goodell for the coaching hook up and Ashley Raksnys for the new hairut! Love to love you all! Word of the Day is "DIRECTION". ♥

OK peeps!!! UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE... WE are in a position to make something happen for a wonderful family in need. No names used BUT the shock of losing a family member WAY to soon is never an easy situation to deal with. This family needs US to raise money to cover funeral cost's. If interested, private message me and PLEASE let's do this for them. I will provide all details in private message. Let's Rock THIS!!!

February 25
This morning is fabulous! Excited to have another day here AND with you guys. Got the new Lenny Kravitz single crankin on the iTunes and playing some air drums. Anyway-UFC 127 tomorrow night. Lot's to do and happy to do it. Word of the Day is "STABLE". ♥ God Bless. †

February 26
Work, train and play. That's what's on my plate today. Gonna have a nice time. The snow missed us by just a couple miles. Glad for that too. Wishing you all a safe and most happy Saturday. Word of the Day is "ALAN?" ♥

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