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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Week of February 27

February 27
Please pardon the curse word, but my new mantra goes from "whatever it takes"... to ....... well, what the shirt says! ♥

February 28
Mostly happy to just say hi to you guys... Our first scrimmage with the vball team today vs. Paraclete. This is going to be a sneak attack blast. My guys are going to do excellent. Finished episode 106 for The Chicago Code last night, so today will be a tough workout this morning and then preparation for tonight. Phrase of the Day is "LIKE RIDING A BIKE!" ♥

March 1
Top of the day to ya people! Kick it's AZZ! Word of the Day is "FRIENDSHIP". ♥

March 2
So much great stuff happening, just trying to keep up!!!! The Code, training, volleyball practice and more Code. That's just the little stuff. In the words of Sixx A.M. - "Life is Beautiful". Anyway - Have a blessed day and stay safe! Word of the Day is "CHOICE". Make 'em good. ♥

March 3
Happy Thursday! A quote for the day... "We must be the change we want to see." Loving you all very much! Word of the Day is "SYNERGY". ♥

March 4
Hit my deadline for the Code streaking across the finish line with my none-hair on fire... LOL! Anyway, Thank God It's Friday! Going to train this morning with Carlo Jay Magno, will most certainly be challenging! Looking forward to it! Lovin' Life and Livin' IT! Jax said the Word of the Day is "INTENTION". ♥

March 5
Great day folks... gonna make another one count! Wishing my AWESOME Mom, Pat Kreple a very Happy Birthday today! Got the iTunes crankin' and a studio in my backyard calling my name. Love everyone always! Word of the Day is "STACKED". ♥

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