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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Week of March 13

March 13
The time change just looks funny... Successful trip to LAX. Picked up Madison Hope and had a most crucial hang until the we hours. Talked, cried, talked some more and then finally... ... ... cried some more! Beyond happy she's here. Now let's get this pawty-stawted. Happy Sunday and Love everyone! Word of the Day is "HEALING". ♥

Lance just got me this insane bike. We just got back from our first ride. I am so blessed.

EZ like a Sunday morning...

March 14
A quote to rev you up this gorgeous morning... " I don't believe you have to be better than everyone else, I believe you have to be better than you ever thought you could be." That says it all! LIVE as big as humanly possible. Have a great day and I Love you guys! Word of the Day is "STRIVE". ♥

March 15
Very good morning to you! Big day today with Madison Hope attending her first day of high school here. She's quite the young lady ya know? ;-) Anyway-thankful for you guys and this cup of coffee. Loving you always! Word of the Day is "ELEVATED". ♥

March 16
...and W E L C O M E to Wednesday!! Getting settled in to the new routine and loving it! Away game tonight at Highland, we'll do great! Sprained a rib training yesterday. I know it sounds odd, "sprained a rib". Yeah, whatever! ;-)

Enjoy the day and make it count. Love always! Word of the Day is "SPECTRUM". ♥

March 17
It's that kind of morning!! Got the Grand Funk playin in the iTunes and a hot cup-o-jo! My boys are really getting better and better! We lost to Highland but their second game they really played well! Taking the morning off from training, ribs are very sore and I have a Chicago Code to do.

Anyway - Happy Birthday shout to Bob Anderson, and Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! Word of the Day is "GREEN". ♥

March 18
Thanks to everyone who came out and GOT DOWN with us last night. Food, dancing and green beerz. Did the "electric slide" with Madison Hope too. Great party for a master human being! Away game at Palmdale High tonight. Spring break starts at the end of the school day. The kids need it and so do Jax and I. Have a gnarly one... Word of the Day is "LIVESTRONG". ♥

March 19
Up and happy to "be"! My boys won their first game last night over Palmdale High. I am so proud of them. They all played great. They asked to practice during their Spring Break... hm-m-m, the bug has bitten again! Happy Saturday. Off to fight team training and then a Memorial Service to celebrate a loved ones life. Makin a plan,

Word of the Day is "APPRECIATE". ♥

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