Jacky, Madi, Michael, and Lancing

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Week of February 13

February 13
Looking for God in everyday things.
Happy Sunday... Word of the Day is "GOD". ♥

February 14
A Very Happy Valentine's to everyone! Another hospital day today, results from the CT/PET scans from last week. No doubt it will be great news. This week training is going to be ramping down with technique drills and conditioning until Wednesday night, then taking Thursday off. Fighting  Friday night! Win, lose or draw, I will be very happy to have had the chance again! Phrase of the Day is "JUMPSTART YOUR LIFE". ♥

February 15
Many of you have heard already but everything came back looking really good yesterday. Such a relief... Doc said, and we knew this already but, it's a "for the rest of your life" kinda thing. I can live with THAT. We go back in 8 weeks for labs. Thank you everyone for your support and prayers. You have no idea what it means to me! I Love you all!!!!!! Countdown is at 3. Word of the Day is "THANKFUL". ♥
Friend and coach, "Professor".

February 16
Have to say again how much I appreciate the love and support from each and everyone of you! You guys are just amazing and it's my privilege to be your friend. Thanks again!

The countdown is at 2... had my last big workout last night and it went very well. My head is right, and now it's time to do the last fine detail stuff.

With that monkey off my back, we'll be great! Phrase of the Day "OUR FATHER IN HEAVEN". ♥

February 16
my awesome bro-in-law Rich just made me laugh... HARD, with this in an e-mail. The "working" title of a project he is producing... "FFLV1EPISODE437SE000001111123POOPYPANTSALLDAYANDPEEPEEPANTSTOOIMSTILLWEARINGMYPEEPEEPANTSOHMYGODLMOABRBTTYLOL!!!:)" an inside joke but so freakin funny for you guys too!

February 17
Calm before the storm is nice today... [inhale...] {exhale...} Loving you all dearly! Word of the Day is "COMBINATIONS". ♥

February 18
God Bless... cya tomorrow! Win, lose or draw... we're all winners for even bein' able to fight tonight. Word of the Day is "DRIVEN". ♥

February 19

Explicit! No family kids ok! Fight doctor said the swelling is because the orbital bone that is the eye socket is broken. What does that mean? My guy punched really freakin hard! Love for you ALL! this really sucks having to document this like this... with a loss I mean!

Well............ the good news is, I had a great time even in defeat! Fought a young man who was an outstanding wrestler. He banged me up pretty good but nothing I can't recover from. Thank you all so much for your positivity through all this, especially my son, Lance, my daughter, Madison, and my awesome wife, Jacky. You guys are badazz! Phrase of the day will be for a few days "BROKEN ORBITAL" ♥


  1. Hi Michael,
    It's George, your nurse from Olive View. I hope you had lots of fun at your 1st MMA fight. I wanted to be there but I'm still on orientation in the ER and couldn't get out on time. I just wanted to let you know that it has been my honor to have met you and your wife and taken care of you during your toughest fight of all. I don't know if you won, lost, or drew your MMA fight but I know you beat cancer, which has a very successful record! I admired how brave you were taking on such a fearful opponent, doing whatever it took while staying calm and positive, knowing you will win.
    Mike, Keep up the good fight and know I will be there for you. Keep in touch, bro.
    Your friend, nurse, and fellow martial artist...


  2. Hey Michael,

    My name is Don (Co-Host and co-promoter for CFL). Thank you so much for being a part of our event. We are very proud to have had you on the card and look forward to seeing you again. Not even a broken orbital can stop a man of your character from seeing the bright/positive side of things. If it's one thing that MMA doesn't get enough credit for, its the sportsmanship of its competitors and you are truly a example of what MMA is about.

    Keep up the good work. You're a hero to many.