Jacky, Madi, Michael, and Lancing

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Week of October 31

November 1
Ahhhh yes, here we are again. Monday morning! Hope everyone had a great weekend and a successful Halloween. Well, it's Chemo week so we're gearing up for that, and we're very excited to be killing the PB, and happy to be alive! So long PB!!

Just like the song says, "you gotta live like your dying..."

Phrase of the day is "BREAKIN THE RULES!". ♥

November 2
?????????????? What ???????????????????? Word of the Day is "TWISTED".

November 3
Wednesday, November 3-Let's see what we can do today that will leave an impression?

Had a scare with a fever and some minor bleeding from the "exit only" area ;). Went to the ER last night, they ran their tests and after about four hours we were released and sent home. phewww!'!'!'!' Which leads into tomorrow and Chemo! 'OL number 4 of 6! Let's rock this mutha! I LOVE YOU GUYS!

Word of the Day is "PLATOON". ♥

November 4
Everybody together now... 1-2-3...F O U R! Rockin the Chemo today. Had a great workout last night and feelin the effects this mornin'. Getting punched in the face a little, and punch the other guy in the face A LOT. Thanks for all your support through this last little scare, it means more than you'll ever know.

LOVE you all very much! Word of the Day is "MODEL". ♥

November 5
Good Day all, Chemo went very well. We did the drugs in a different order which I didn't really care for. Seemed to take forever. A big shout out to JAX for gettin it all done. Man-she does so much for us.

Preparing for Lance's 9th birthday. It's Sunday, but we be partyin' tomorrow. Proud of Lance and Madi through all this nasty business. I know it's been tough. I love you kids so much!!!!!!

Word of the Day is "STRENGTH". ♥

November 6
Beautiful Saturday all... What can I say? I am so happy to be alive! I can only dream of how to convey the true intention of my thoughts. Words fail me.

I love all of you so so very much!

Big day today. Going to Mid-Evil Times for a fantastic Birthday lunch. Magic and Jousting? I mean really, what more could a birthday boy want?

Inspire someone, I DOUBLE-DOG DARE YA! ;-) Word of the Day is "FORTUNATE". ♥

I'm sportin' the 5K hat and MTS shirt to support my popz.

My popz - Rookie-of-the-Year at age 65 - YEAH!

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