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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Week of November 7

November 7
Nine years ago today was one of the greatest days of my life. I have to have three greatest days: the day Lance was born, the day Madison was born, and the day I married my beautiful, rockin' wife, Jax.

Happy Birthday to my favorite little buddy. Lancing Kreple you are a GIANT bundle of LOVE on this crazy planet. We love you soooo very much and are so proud of you!

Word of the Day is "BIG". ♥

November 8
OK, the challenge for us today izzz........ Under any, and all, circumstances DO NOT PANIC!

Life here is great, but, news is filtering in this morning from several other people telling of the serious challenges for them. A sound mind and indomitable spirit, AND an aligned relationship with God will reveal a path.... Follow it! TRUST ME!!!!!! Follow it! You CAN trust God to reveal your perfect path.

Word of the Day is "PATIENCE". ♥

November 9
Good Morning loved ones... Looks to be a spectacular day this morning. Lance and I were up most of the night, he has a cough and a sniffly nose.

I feel awesome, but will certainly have my daily allowance of all cold fighting viggie-vitie-vegimens.

Chin down, hands up. Stay humble. Continue onward. Pride always shows up before ...the fall.

Tis the season to be Thankful. Word of the Day is "POSITION". ♥

November 10
Cold and windy, but we have a trailer full of firewood, which equals manywarm nights in front of the fireplace. (While I learn my new phone, of course.)

Word of the Day is "UPGRADE". ♥

November 11
Lots of things happenin' today. Gearing up for the big PET Scan tomorrow, AND (drum roll, please) the raffle for the Gin Blossoms-autographed guitar. Hang on, we're headed for the rhubarb... Love you guys!

Word of the Day is "AWESOME". ♥

November 12
Good morning... I am so excited for today! First we are going to draw the winner for the Gin Blossoms autographed guitar and then head down for my PET Scan at 11:15. We will not hear the results until Monday for the scan but I trust GREAT news will be the flavor of the day.

Keep up the great work, I love you! Word of the Day is "ACOUSTIC". ♥

One of two Gin Blossom-autographed guitars, provided by Tonebender.

November 13
Happy Saturday! Privileged to be here with you all again, Thank YOU!

Makin a trip down to Los Angeles today and then over to Thousand Oaks to spend some time with friends, and to enjoy great food. Most certainly will be a marvelous day.

The Tonebender "Raffle Kiss"
The raffle yesterday was amazing. Congrats to Jay Lajoie. Have a blessed day and BE SAFE! Word of the Day is "WINNER". ♥

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