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Monday, November 15, 2010

Week of November 14

November 14
Don't worry... Be Happy! Love you all so much. Happy Sunday. Word of the Day is "RELAX". ♥

November 15
Seems to be a frequent dialog as of late... BIG DAY today! My 10 day chemo follow-up and PET Scan results! I predict PB has been punked!

I will be keeping you updated the best I can. My sincerest LOVE for everyone!

Pet scan preliminary results and more. Listening to Donna Summer's "HOT STUFF" and dancing in my chonies!!!!! Man-we ain't "out of the woods" completely but I can see the edge of the forrest and we are closing in fast!

Take THIS you lousey PB!!! ERRRRR!
 Word of the Day is "ADIOS". ♥ (video to be inserted here)

November 16
B L E S S E D! Wow-the sun is a bit brighter this morning for some reason! ;-) Enjoying my days ON the planet and not IN the planet will be so much more fun!!!!

Inside this body there has been a KILLING!!!


Word of the Day is "VERTICAL". ♥

November 17
GOOOOOOOOD MOOOOOOOOORNIN'! short and simple today... Lovin' you guys all the way! Livin' big and inspired. Word of the Day is "FABULOUS". ♥

November 18
Hey ya'll.......... let's git-R-done!!!!!! Busy day today, down to LA for a VO with Lance and Jax. I am a very lucky dude.

A quote... "Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." - Ralph Waldo Emerson Word of the Day is "ENTHUSIASM". ♥

...and from my friend Rodan vanOrden: enthusiasm - "derived from the Greek enthousiasmos, which ultimately comes from the adjective entheos, “having the God within,” - Robert Pirsig uses the word Gumption to describe the same idea in Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Essential to a life well lived."

I especially like the "having the God within" part.

November 19
Happy day peeps! Harry Potter was OUTSTANDING last night. We had a great time!

We're gearin' up for chemo again. We got "moved up" two days, so we'll be in there on Tuesday. This will be good  'ol number 5. Feeling blessed and ready!

Love to you! Word of the Day is "CONCRETE". ♥

November 20
Saturday-November 20, 2010 shall be another kick a$$ day. Fight team this morning and then some studio fun around 11:00. Going to see my TKD instructor at 4:30 and then down to celebrate my good friend Sarah's 50th birthday.

Don't forget, UFC 123 tonight too. Live inspired all day everyday.

Love you guys so much! ...Word of the Day is "VISION". ♥

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