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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Week of October 24

October 24
Happy Sunday! Give Thanks and Love! Word of the Day is "CHAMPION". ♥

October 25
Another very busy day today. We're off to the hospital today for labs, and then, getting Jax to the airport for some much needed R & R. A week in Vermont with family and friends should be just the ticket.

Time to put my Mr. Mom hat on and get busy! Word of the Day is "DELIVER". ♥

October 26
Well, so far, so GOOD! Jax got off last night NO PROBLEMS!

Lance and I are already missing her. ♥

Labs came back GREAT, all my numbers and kidney function came back beautifully. My doctors are very happy. They ordered my CT Scan and a PET Scan. What that means is very possibly a clean bill of health. Man, I cry just thinking about that.

Word of the Day is "CLEAN". ♥

October 27
Hey ya'll... no explosions, fires or locked doors! Lance and I are missin Momma, but no mishaps so far!

Lance booked another Walmart commercial!

Off to the valley this morning. then on to the hospital to make my CT and PET scan appointments. Busy busy busy. Stayin focused! Word of the Day is "MEMORIES". ♥

Here are some great shots of me and my popz:

January 2, 1993 - We BOTH have hair!

We're both freshly shaved!

Spring, 1999 - Dad continued to shave, but not me!

October 28
The appointments have been made! PET for Novenber 12 and CT on November 29. Worth the wait!!!!! Closing another week to the books.

Lance has been in with me every night, since Mom has been in Vermont. How can I say no to that! ♥
Looks like another clear and sunny fall day here in the AV! Lovin' it! Word of the Day is "RADAR". ♥

October 29
Friday Friday Friday!!! Glad it's here fo-sho! The Halloween parade is this morning at Lance's school. Should be fun and exciting.

Momma comes home tomorrow. Looking forward to that no doubt.

Have a fantastic day all, and keep your eye on the prize! Word of the Day is "PAYOFF". ♥

Michigan Kreples, Blackfords, and Logsdons

October 30
Home from the airport... JAX made it home safely. Y E S!!!!!

Happy Halloween. ♥ Word of the Day is "FRIGHT". ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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