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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Week of October 10

October 10
Love you guys and thanks again for all the support. Word of the Day is "GRATITUDE". ♥Workin at the car wash... woo ooo oooh... come on by-would absolutely LOVE to see you! Word of the Day is "SUDS". ♥

October 11
GREAT Monday morning! I just want to say thank you to everyone who helped by working, or getting their car washed yesterday.

The car wash fundraiser was a huge success. You guys have no idea how awesome you are!!!!!!!!

Love and More Love to you all! Word of the Day is "AWESOME". ♥

October 12
We're getting ready for the film crew to be with us for a couple days. This should be interesting.

Looks like another A+ kind of day! Tell someone you love them.

Word of the Day is "MOTION". ♥

October 13
All right, today is the day! Up and at'em! Film crew will be here in just a couple hours. Gotta make sure my hair is...oh wait...I don't have any! Hah! Looks like we're ready!

Gonna try to sneak some of my own recording of the day so I can share with you guys. Remember, if you do it... do it the best you can.

Filming today!!!!!!!! HERE WE COME WORLD! "Awareness for All" is the goal! One Love!

Oh and Chemo #3 tomorrow! Will be keeping you updated! Word of the Day is "ELEVATED". ♥

October 14

Professor doing interview with film crew.
Chemo #3 - history!
Chemo #3 ... D O N E! Pooped, BUT really thankful and very hopeful. It went off with out a hitch! ♥

October 15
The morning after, and I'm alive and well!!!

Today is a day of rest, but more of the fun-filled same. Thanks for following along. Keeps it fun for me and a bit more REAL! Filming, benefit dinners,  friends and family... WOW-life is G R E A T!

Word of the Day is "VANGUARD". ♥

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