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Friday, October 22, 2010

Week of October 17

October 17
Great Sunday to you. Today I'm feeling better than ever!

I'll be in the studio with Tonebender for a bit, and after that... who knows!!! Whatever it is I know it'll be cool.

Madi, Tommy, Ben, Ally and Lance
 Important Note: For whatever you may be feeling grateful, be sure to let someone know it is THEM that has you feeling this way!

ONE LIFE, ONE CHANCE, ...ONE LOVE,! Live as Large as you dare!

Word of the Day is "APOTHEOSIS". ♥

October 18
ONE LIFE, ONE CHANCE, ONE LOVE!!!!!!!! Shout it out LOUD! Make your day a blessing for someone else! We live for the people who need a comeback!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Word of the Day is "RECONCILIATION" ♥

October 19
Today-we shall persevere! It is a beautiful, rainy fall day here in SoCal. Going to go have lunch with one of the greatest guys on the planet today... David Kitchens. Looking forward to another day with you all!

I LOVE you... back on the mat tonight, beating cancer through fitness and an unwavering and intentional spirit.

Word of the Day is "WHISKEY",

Party on people... it's time for a celebration! ♥

October 20
More Rain... BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!! It was an incredible electrical storm last night. Hail too! Very WEIRD!!

Today, got me an itch and I need to scratch it!

I wish you all a great day and much LOVE and respect. Find it! Word of the Day is "BESEECH". ♥

The party is getting ready to start, don't be late!

The party has started in Michigan. Black "Quit Does Not Exist" wristbands to support the fight.
 October 21
Radio interview this morning with Fathead on 100.1 The Edge. It's ON BABY! Awareness to the world!

Get this, listening to the latest release from RATT! Album- "INFESTATION" song- "Eat Me Up Alive". Man they didn't miss a beat. Rockin'!!!!!!!

Most important today- eat right, exercise, and live and love passionately. It's your Legacy! Word of the Day is "UPSHOT". ♥

October 22
Interview yesterday went very well. Thanks to Fathead and The Edge for having me on the show!

It's going to be a great day! I can just feel it! It's Friday so we're gonna get this paawwwty staaawwwted!

ONE LIFE, ONE CHANCE, ONE LOVE! Live it! Word of the Day is "UTILITARIAN". ♥

Here's a link to a clip of the interview:


October 23
I have fight practice this morning and it looks like a day in the studio. UFC 121 tonight with a BIG title fight for Brock Lesnar.

I love the Fall weather change AND I get to dust of the fuzzy crocs AND have fires in the fireplace. Had our first fire last night.

Magz came over and hung out for a bit. NO FEAR~live with confidence and... LOVE. We'll all be ok... Word of the Day is "STELLAR". ♥

I love this picture of me and my popz. Circa 2000 at Gun Lake, Michigan. Many wonderful memories there.

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