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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Week of October 3

October 4
Good Monday mornin to ya peepz! Have a nice week-end? Yeeeehaaawwwwwwwww.... I did! Getting it goin', gotta trip down to have labs drawn today. Hopefully, I'll get a shot of synthetic white blood cells to keep the ol' immune system up and runnin the way it should to be.

Anyway- missing and Lovin you all! Have a great day!

My friend Linda says... Word of the Day is "AMAZING". ♥

October 5
COLD and Windy today. I'm going back down to hospital to pick up my Neupogen prescription. Get back up there White cells! Some possible side effects are-hair loss(HA-been there done that) bone/body pain(oh crap, that's nothin new either)

"Whatever it takes!" Training is going well too, had a great workout last night~gonna... shake it like a polaroid picture! Have a great day and LIVE LARGE! Word of the Day is "OFFENSE". ♥

October 6
Good morning to you!

Had my first round of shots yesterday, feeling good. It's raining here and we're loving it.

Having a coyote problem again. Lost another duck and a couple chickens the other night. Well, here comes the stakeout and the shotgun again.  Sorry Wiley, but you can't eat my dux and chix no more!

Have a safe and amazing day! Word of the Day is "POULTRY". ♥

Da boyz, Cronin, Michael, Shawn, & Curt!
 Paid a little visit to my friends in Simi. Great to see them, and a rare occasion to see them all together!
Great friends, great musicians, great men.
October 7 (from Doug VanQuekelberg of Tonebender Custom Guitars and Basses)

One of two Recording King 000 style solid spruce top acoustic guitars singed by The Gin Blossoms.

This is as good a place as any to get this thing rolling. There are TWO of these guitars to be raffled off - this is the first one for all the inter-web, out-of-town friends and family of our bud Michael Kreple. Hopefully my site will work for you. If not read the "direct thru Paypal" option. This is going to be fun and very cool. The second one will be more "local", and is being done in conjucnction with the folks at TapOut here in the Antelope Valley where Michael gets beat-up on a regular basis. Email tonebenderproducts@gmail.com with any questions. ~ Doug at Tonebender

(from Michael)
In my deepest state of gratitude, I still have a burning desire to let you ALL know how much it means to me, and my family, that you are all doing so much to help the Kreples. It humbles my heart completely. You are all special people!

This weekend is going to be fun. Car racing in Lancaster, live bands and good food, well, good SALADS for me anyway. Keep bangin those drums!

Word of the Day is "ROUGHAGE". ♥

October 8

Gave myself my first shot last night, wasn't too bad at all. Kinda weird watching the needle disappear at my own hand. The TV show is definitely happening. Next week Wednesday and Thursday I'll have a camera crew following me around. Catching "the life of a cage-fighter." As of now, my next fight will be New Years Eve in Las Vegas.

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