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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Week of September 26

September 26
Well, here's to another week...(*clink*)! Much to do this fine day, so, HERE WE GO! Feeling great again today and looking forward to getting back on the mat to keep on training and workin it out!

Hey-have a wonderful day and keep on truckin'.

Word of the Day is "POSSIBLE". ♥

September 27
Sometimes, it really is the simple things... I woke up today... therefore I am grateful! It's a beautiful day here in SoCal and gotta bundle to do. Some school work, a converted van project, and hopefully some music too.

Finally feeling back to normal. They say "may experience rapid weight gain." I say, "No kiddin' Willy Wonka!"

Word of the Day is "BLIMP" ♥

Greg Liceraga, Jimmy Scott, me, and Dean Hanson - a Michigan moment.

September 28
Watched the sunrise this morning with Jax and my brother-in-law, Pete. It was spectacular. The hair on my body continues to fall out, and well, it's still weird!

It's another incredible day to here with you guys and gals!

We have a couple different "cancer" bracelets for $5 each if anyone is interested.

All proceeds go to the Michael S. Kreple Fight For Fitness Cancer Fund.

Word of the Day is "DELEGATE". ♥

September 30
Thanks so much for the responses.

This is from my friend Tom, "The bracelets can be purchased at the TapouT Training Center 410 Grand Cypress Avenue #202 Paalmdale, Ca. 93551-Donation checks should be made payable to Fight For Fitness with Michael S. Kreple Cancer Fund in the memo. Please include a S.A.S.E."

This is so cool guys, The Kreple's really appreciate it. Word of the Day is "PARTICIPATION". ♥

October 1
Happy Friday AND October! Wow-where is the time going, right? Congrats on making it through another week.

We'll be relaxing this weekend and getting ready for a follow up appointment on Monday afternoon to check labs.

Feeling amazing and grateful to be with you all for another day. Mad Respect and LOVE for everyone of ya! Word of the Day is "MAGNITUDE". ♥

October 2
Good morning all! Our dear friend Roz needs your prayers this morning. Her daughter, Gabby, was in a car accident last night. She has a fractured pelvis, but when I talked to her she sounded to be in good spirits. We all know the power of prayer and a "no quit" attitude.

We LOVE our Roz, she's understandably worried sick. No donuts today, it's lemonade time. Word of the Day is "POWER". ♥

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