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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Week of September 19

September 24, 2010

"The cocktail"

Happy Friday! Going in for another try at the chemo. I am trusting it will be a great success. Got the word yesterday there's huge things happening. Glad we can all be part of it together! Hang steady it's about to explode.
"Believe you can and you're halfway there." Theodore Roosevelt.
Got nothin but BIG LOVE for you guys and hope today is a great one. Word of the Day is "MAGNIFICENT" ♥

September 22, 2010
Two good things in one. After today there will be only 4 more treatments remaining, AND I will be among many other people receiving chemo today.

SEND IN THE ANGEL'S FOR A FULL COURT PRESS. There'll be people in there today "dieing" for a life change. My new daily mantra is "whatever it takes!"

Word of the Day is "SOLDIER". ♥

This sweet lady is taking my temperature - not plucking nose hairs.

Hey ya'll-small delay.  Chemo has been pushed back til Friday. Some counts in my lab work were not quite what they wanted them to be. This is a blessing. It made them give me medication that increases my white blood cell count, which we all remember from biology, is the "fight club" in our bodies. Ding ding, lace up your boots.  The fight is ON.

We are re-scheduled for Friday morning to be back in there, have blood drawn, and hopefully,  to start chemo. ♥

September 21, 2010
Good Morning! Before I get into the test results, I wanted to wish everyone a most exciting and awesome day.

We all march to a different tune but realize this, we are ALL marching to music. I can't really tell you guys how much I Love you and we appreciate everything that is being done for us around the world.  This is the text from the test results for those playing along..."Irregularly shaped area of abnormal uptake in the anterior abdomen is compatible with known Lymphoma. There is NO abnormal uptake in the neck, chest, or pelvis."

We are...grinning from ear to ear!

Word of the Day is "GOODNESS". ♥

September 20, 2010
It's Monday morning. That means school with the boy today.

This afternoon, down to the hospital for Labs and results from PET Scan last week. Anticipating great news as I feel as good as ever! Also, last night I noticed that the effects of chemo aren't limited to the dissolving of the PB, but also the loss of my body fur has begun. Oh, happy day! Um THAT is WEIRD to experience.

Love to you all constantly. Word of the Day is "HAIRLESS". ♥

Waiting for our appointment...shhh, we're hunting wabbits. With all this wabbit food, I know there's one here someplace. :))

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