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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Week of September 12

September 18

One of the best ways to start your day is to watch the sunrise and enjoy it with the ones you love.

Fight practice was awesome last night.

Did my daily check of PB this morning, and I am extremely happy to report. to all my brothers and sisters around the world, that PB is disintegrating into a blip of nothingness. Ah yes, size does matter when killing cancer!

The annihilation of PB is going very well thanks to GOD, and all of YOUR thoughts and prayers. Please keep'em comin' and shortly we'll celebrate a most triumphant victory!

Word of the Day is "SUCCESS". ♥ 

September 17
TGIF-More of the same today but hopefully with better teamwork. I think it will be great!

I'm back to training full on! It feels great to be back on the mat and workin' with the guys.

Some unbelievable stuff is happening around here. I am a very blessed man!

A quote-"WHO you are is SO loud, I can't hear what you are saying!..."-unknown.

Have a safe Friday and LIVE LARGE! Love to ya'll! Word of the Day is "EXCEPTIONAL". ♥

September 16
Ok-gotta get to a happy place this late morning! Our most awesome and intractable son is pushing my limits this morning.

I try to pick the "battles" and today is "one-of-those-days". HOME SCHOOL IS NOT A VACATION MISTER!

Anyway, workouts last night were incredible! Sparred in boxing class and then worked on some ground game in MMA class. I love it! Loving you all dearly! Word of the Day is "BREATH". ♥

September 15
                                                                                     From Jacky:

"Life's not about getting through the storm it's about learning to dance in the rain." I saw this quote in my most favorite person's house. I don't know if it's his, or not, but I love it as much as I love all of you. Have a great day and make the best of everything. ♥

From Michael:

So much is happening here! Man!! I'm just tryin' to hang on.

EVERYTHING (except PB) is going big and we are very excited to be a part of it. Silverlining to the vegetarian thing is, I'll make my new weight class easily.

I challenge you all to turn your lemons into lemonade. Do you dare to be great?

My good friend Mary Skerrett says the word of the Day is "RESILIENCE". Love to you all! ♥

September 14
Ok! So switching to herbivore. I only know how to go big ;). Check the relationship of the guitar pick and the bowl. Mom said she made a salad in this bowl to feed 10. Hm-m-m.
It's official. Herbivore.

Good day fellow earthlings! Looks like another beautiful one here in SoCal. Started my workouts again last night. Gotta ramp it up through next Thurs. 9-23, for round two of chemo. Currently making the switch to vegetarian. ME NO LIKEY LIKE! :)

A quote, "Don't compromise yourself. You're all you've got." ~ Janis Joplin. Word of the Day is "TRIUMPHANT". ♥

September 13, 2010
Monday has come again, I am excited to do another week with you guys! Lot's coming up this week so we'll keep moving forward without the blinders and hope to see everything as it is.

Love you guys MADLY! A quote-"Whatever you are, be a good one." Abraham Lincoln - Recommended by my MUCH older AND wiser sister Sheri(;-)), the Word of the Day is "SHOWSTOPPER". ♥

My beautiful and "better" half, Jacky.

September 12, 2010
Welcome to the beginning of a new week. Have a nice and restful day. Gonna do fun stuff in the studio and get ready for another go at it this week.

A quote. "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are." Theodore Roosevelt.

I love you guys. Have a great day. Word of the Day is "ANSWERS". ♥

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