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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Week of March 27

March 27
Went for a walk with this pretty lil' thing this morning. Oh and she saved me from some deadly kryptonite that had washed up on shore in the middle of the night...

March 28
Glad to be with ya'll again today... Had a fantastic week-end at the water and now it's back to business. Madi's back to school so we're up and at'em early. Volleyball starts back up today and actually I need to call a few of you! Feeling grateful and ton's of love for you guys!

Phrase of the Day is "MAKING UP FOR LOST TIME." ♥

March 29
It's the Blue Jay Way into Snoops Upside Ya Head! So what I'm really trying to say is, there are NO rulez!!!!!! Today is a "whatever goes" kinda-day. My boys are playing some good volleyball. They seem to enjoy the game. We're at Lancaster High tonight. my boys ROCK! Victory is sweet with the hard work they are putting in! Nice job guys, I'm very proud of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking like a great day and I hope it is for you too! Word of the Day is "MANIAC". ♥

March 30
Ok.... How did the bee get to school? He road the school buzz - Why did the bike use its kick stand? It was two-tired - and last but not least, What did the mermaid do last Sunday night? Went to "sea" a movie... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... thank you Lance Kreple for your eye opening enthusiasm towards life!!!!! Simple is often much B E T T E R!!!!!!

Off to TapouT... ... ... some prep work in the studio, no volleyball today and then back to TapouT tonight for some more training with the Madster!

I hope ya'll have a fantastic day. Love and Respect for you!!!!! Word of the Day is "FACE". ♥

April 2
Happy Saturday people! Summer is definitely on it's way :-) My boys lost last night, however, they played like a volleyball TEAM! I'm very proud of them, no doubt about it!. Go REBELS!

Going to enjoy a nice day off today and try to get out to the studio, maybe clean it up and pick up some sticks or put in the new tube that Tonebender got for the VHT Straight 6. No plans yet, we'll see...

Phrase of the Day is "GO WITH THE FLOW". ♥

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