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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Week of April 3

April 3
Had a great night hangin with some awesome friends. Thanks Mike and Teri, as well as, Manny and Kendra! Have a blessed day.

Love you all dearly! Word of the Day is "SMASHING". ♥
April 4
Officially back to school today. Madison and Lance are both up and gettin ready. It's nice! Had a restful weekend to gear up for this week and it sure looks like it's gonna be a good one! Two volleyball games and a crap-load of training too. Gettin the studio back in shape too to get some biz flowing through there again.

Lovin you guys! Word of the Day is ""DREAM". ♥

April 5
Great day yesterday. I'm psyched to be with ya'll again today. This is happening right now for us, so I just wanted to share and remind. When change is occurring, and it all seems out of control, focus your thoughts and vision and say a prayer. Looking "all-around" for answers will typically take you farther away from finding your answer. Stay open-minded but focused!

Word of the Day is "FOCUSED". ♥

April 6
Hello beautiful people! Have a volleyball game tonight vs. Eastside. My boys have been working their bedonkydonks off. ;) We'll do excellent! Today is strength day at the gym, so I'll be blasting my arms into tiny little pieces. I'm not sure how much "fun" that is going to be, but it IS worth it.

Anyway - have a great day and make som eone smile. THAT is fun! Word of the Day is "SPONTANEOUS". ♥

April 7
"I ain't lettin the game change me, I'm changin the game". - Valley Joe

Have a freakin GREAT day everyone! Woke this morning feeling grateful and hopeful for all! Word of the Day is "OPEN". ♥

April 8
T G I F!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

April 9
Volleyball tourny today at Eastside High. Come on over and hang out with me! We were victorious over AV High last night too. Missing out on training last night and today, but will certainly make up for it.

My momma has been digging around in the "Kreple Volleyball Archives". Here's a couple skeletons from my closet. A "mullett"!!!!!!!!!!!!

Phrase of the Day is "GAME CHANGER". ♥

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